Kuna Siku Niliona Garbage Collector Watano Wakichokora Lorry Mojaatano


Huyu per hour hauko chini ya $30.00

@militiades these are the blondes that’d really date you

@militiades = @Micymas

The concept of the wheel escaped the African. He missed that, missed the agrarian revolution as well as the industrial revolution. Chances are that the information age will also escape omwafrika.

Omwafrika is positioning himself on matters IT, not sure how we’re doing ?

When I we commencing research on machine learning and artificial intelligence? Imagine hata traffic lights hatujashikanisha.

Yaani anaendesha gari akiwa amesimama? Si yeye huchoka sana?

acha chocha bana, west Africans were farming yams and tubers more than 10,000 years ago, ata kama you love hating your people, be a little informed

Explain the hunger then?

what does hunger have to do with the agricultural revolution? Hunger can be caused by famine which has been witnessed in more advanced societies kama china na india due to mismanagement of resources by incompetent leaders

looooooool unajua IT ni nini ? the kind that will be useful in future :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Nichanue Kizee, on we’ve done in the past and how we’re doing currently, in regard to the rest of the world.
Mambo ya being useful in the future wachia high-school students.

I kiff up!

I recommend you smoke some weed, just to cool you off ?

dafuq polytechnic wanafunzwa hizi, it’s basic electronics

Why aren’t we implementing these concepts in our day to day life.

if you don’t know, how would you know where it’s being implemented?

acha kufkiria mzunye ndie ameweza sana. that kind of shit is around places that make your life easier without you being aware of its presence

typical response from someone ameishiwa na arguments

Kuna siku nikitoka ulevi nikiwa youth nilijipata nikiongelesha kisiki saa nane usiku. That engagement, though it occurred years ago, was more fruitful that any engagement I will ever have with you.