Kuna Helicopter Ingine Itaanguka Very Soon & Claim A Bigshot

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Vile temperatures zinazidi kupanda with the UDAku coalition kuna watu wataivishwa.

Team hiyo mate bro


Kwa hivo The 6th awuachane na vifirirki?

Wuod Ugenya spies at Statehouse inform me that TINGA will become DP before Jan next year.

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I have seen so much death; I don’t care who lives or dies anymore. I have learned… life goes on.


The only place the perrenial loser Kimundu Kimuguruki Amolo Tinga is going to is Bondo after failing to get the AU job, which would have been his last opportunity for relevance.


Hehehe. Jatelo, it’s a done deal! Tinga is already in power.

Riggy was told, either resign by choice, or by force.

2024 will be a movie!

Waangushe ata saa hii, tumeboeka na floods. Tunataka habari mpya.

There is a story of an Ugandan who killed a baboon in a troop.

That night, all the baboons in the troop visited the homestead and tore the man’s house to pieces. Only the man’s house.

There is no helicopter coming down anywhere.

Rigley Kajamba does not come from the lakeside.

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Ndindu tulia