kuna electricians in the house? nina maswali..

kuna hizi bulb huitwa intelligent emergency bulb.

how they work;
stima zikipotea when the bulb is on,the bulb continues to stay on for a couple of hours.
stima zikipotea when the bulb is off,it will light up when you switch the lights on, for a couple of hours.

here is an example of one.

my problem;
When i switch off the lights,these bulbs,just like any other bulbs,are supposed to to switch off.
Unfortunately, once they go off they switch themselves back on after a few seconds, yet they aren’t intended to work that way. imagine umezima stima ulale,then after a few seconds unaamshwa na mwangaza bulb ikiwa imejiwasha.
The problem occurs in all rooms apart from bath room. when i rotated the bulbs wondering whether they are the problem,they still misbehave apart from the one installed kwa bafu,hata nikinunua bulbs of a different make. ya bafu nikiizima haijiwashi yenyewe.

My 1st question;
shida ni nini?

My 2nd question;
what is the solution(s)?

Difficult to diagnose.
Maybe live imewekwa kwa earth ama another faulty wiring.

Hizi bulbs si zinakuwaga na remote…

that should be some fault somewhere…ni ngumu kudiagnose unless someone is actually there

no,the ones above sio zile za remote.

They don’t work kwa switch mbili I.e Unajua kwa bedroom kuna iyo switch kwa mlango alafu ile iko karibu na bed, yenye ua unatumia kuswitch off lights ukilala. Lakini ya choo ni switch moja tu. I hope nimexplain. Why they don’t do it sijui.
Question 2. Wacha electricians wajibu, i am just but a nderefa


that may explain it but why when connected to an outlet with parallel switches? i have the same problem of the bulb turning itself on.

Hizo bulbs zinauzwa wapi? Been looking for them for a while now

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Ningependa kukujibu sana lakini nilifika class 3, so nitasoma comments ndio next time mtu akiuliza nitaaply response.


they are in the supermarkets now


Swafi. I’ll go look for them.

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How much are they going for and how many hours do they power up when lights go off?

I experienced the same problem with them, I reverted back to normal LED. may be the technology is not fully tested.

Ile siku gari ya quanstrandom ilianza kujiwasha taa usiku, makanika walimwambia abebe battery kwa nyumba


bought one to try for 250 but power supply in nyeri and embu has stabilized so much in last two tears i haven’t had a chance to test:).

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You have a short circuit.

I have the same problem with these bulbs. I concluded my power supply is dirty and that’s ok.


how now and it is only with the “intelligent” bulbs?

Sometimes hizo za being ya chini zinakuanga na kasoro zake. Zinachanganyikiwa. Had bought three, one was alright. The other two, moja ilikua nikiwasha stima haiwaiki, when I take it out inawaka. Then huyo mwingine alikua na kichaa, ukizima stima anawaka then after like ten minutes anajizima. Nikachoka nikazitupa. Bought others at 400 (in a white box) and they’re awesome. 15watts, but zinamulika kumulika and even when kplc is out they remain bright with dimming.


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