Kuna ad blocker ya adverts on you tube on TV?

To many irritating ads

Yes…pay for the no advert youtube.

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Kama ni android box or firestick install smart YouTube.

nasikia kuna venye mtu anainstall kitu flani kwa managed router inablock ads at router level
watu ya piracy hawajuangi ads

Yeah, this is possible though not as you think. I have installed Adguard Home to block ads at the network level. This simply works by blocking source of the ads.

Unfortunately for services like YouTube both the ad and content originate from the same source. So it is difficult to block one without blocking the other.

As someone mentioned, one can install third party apps to access YouTube, though am yet to find one that works flawlessly.

YouTube has become too greedy, with ads being put left and right every few minutes.

Is YouTube Premium available in Kenya, without using funny workarounds…

Its not youtube being greedy. Its the youtubers being greedy by placing as many ads as possible in their videos in order to monetize their content

Either you pay for the ad free version of Youtube or you watch from a device that can allow you to install ad-blockers.

Nilijaribu kuona hii show ya Lynn Ngugi bana iko na ads every 5min nikasare

Jama wa municipal unataka Lynn akule nini?

Ads every 5min? Aache ulafi pia

Maybe you use your laptop to project to the TV? I’m certain you have installed adblockers on your browser

ads gani hizi?
anaongea kidogo alafu anasema todays sponsor is arimis ama ni ads gani unamaanisha?

kukuwa suffera ni poa banae. sisi ni watu wa yt-dlp -f best

Zile ads interruptive na zingine huwezi ruka

Get Smart Tube Next APK and install via USB and you will be sorted. https://github.com/yuliskov/SmartTubeNext
It even has a setting to cut off those adverts presented by YouTubers themselves at the beginning of their videos.

Thanks. I knew someone would have the solution. Does it work on both android and smart TV?

install chrome alafu tumia hii… nugu… alternatively connect pc to tv kama uko na those cheap chines tvs zenye haiezi install chrome

It’s specifically for Android tv