Kumeanza kunuka...


Kaende kaende.

Wapigane bana.

Kuna ma ghaseer za Ukraine zinasupport Russia, sasa Ukraine army kuwafuata , shells zikaland Russia…

All hail Putin.

Chocha…Putin ako na prezo wa Ukraine kwa mfuko lol :D…hawavunjani…senile uncle B ndiye anatafuta kavita…na Europe haitaki noma…Hana bahati…sarkozy ako mfuko ya Putin pia…no way they shutting down Russian gas pipeline to Europe lol


Either there will be no Western troops in Ukraine, or there will be no Ukraine.
We have not seen the war yet and even now the Western instructors were escaping on the first plane available.
American diplomats even burned all documents and computers in a panic mode.
The oligarchs, on the other hand, needed at least 20 planes to escape
To sum up:
Ukraine will never be in NATO / EU
The West has shown that it will not defend Ukraine militarily
Any weapons for the Ukrainians will not fundamentally change the final outcome of the war
The sanctions will not stop Putin from realising vital Russian interests
But at a result of the Maidan, the greatest success of American policy after World War II took place, i.e. the close Russian-Chinese alliance to which Iran and Turkey propose aspirations
But if there will be serious russian invasion on Ukraine it will look just that like always did in the past
If so, Ukraine is surrounded now on 3 sides. The common border with Belarus and Russia is 3.000 kilometers long and indefensible.
Everyone interested knows that one day in the event of big Sino-American war, the Baltic states and Ukraine are lost at first day of war.
They can wait calmly - the Chinese will test you in Taiwan, the Russians in Eastern Europe and the Iranians in the Middle East.
One day, like in the “Godfather” the day of resolving “family matters” will come.

Will there ever be a big Chinese/Russian-American war? Si hio ni total annihilation of the earth? I think they’ll continue to fight proxy wars tu.

shells hazijaland Russia zimeland Donetsk which russia is trying to annex

Wacha gatemanwo niko nyuma ya msito Putin. Sina shida na Ukraine bora waseme hail putin death to American and NATO. America tumekuwa tukiwamezea mate.
We should rain nuclear on america na Uk.

Biden has to do another 4years, a war with Russia will ensure that

Ukraine iingie hii vita mundu khu mundu bila NATO/USA.