Kumbe this is where you all relocated to after Klost??

This is not a standard test to test a general

I agree that I got most of the answers wrong but that is a test for village moderators and not regular jamaas.

A fair test would have been something like:

  1. who was the village doctor?.. Luther
  2. who were the village scribes?.. Mabenda & Mucatha
  3. who was the village philanderer?.. Uwes & Supu
  4. who were the village motor gurus? Wheelz
  5. who was the village baniani? Bada
  6. Who was Kungu the pilot?.. I dont even know but he had major ego and insecurity issues
  7. the village drunk… Rapper mtu wa keg
  8. Story za ajabu… TLS & Kabuda
  9. Story za cyber & Mpesa… INS
  10. the village newspaper vendor… Mboi- Kamiti

Happy now??

Apewe kiti

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welcome @4makind …now i need to get the blonde a.k.a leokim here…


hahahhaha…actually this is a genuine handle…

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Tell them Don Supu

…imagine walichange handle yangu…i think its a promotion of the sort…:)…glad to have you on-board…

Glad to find you here

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Kuna mujamaa atapigwa chenga hapa


Kiko anafanya adventures wapi siku hizi?

Kiko arudi.

  1. Name three characters in the
    wakorino legend. Name the author
    too… Must have been Mucatha of mama Connie…
    Wrong. Author ni Atheist
  1. Name all the nationalities sampled
    by international d*ck sampler aka
    unicorn… a mans escapades is none of my business unless aingilie familia

    More wrong. Wewe hata hujui @Unicorn ni nani. Waiganjo confirmed
  1. Which lister posted his photos in klost and attracted many comments?.. Kung’u the pilot
    … Boss ulikuwa klist kweli?
  1. Ni lister yupi huwa source mademu kutoka as far as kapsabet, marakwet na eldy…hint (alienda msa recently akamchukua amina casa b, amina hata hatamanishi) Uncle Uwes…

    Waiganjo na kuweka guest

How did you know about ktalk? Why did it take you soo long?

i have been in the dark since klist, na nimewacha wengine huko nje hawajui kuna kenytalk.

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My exact sentiments. The Mods should try and reach out to other listers who are still groping in the dark not knowing where people went.

Umenoa bro. That was pin ndogo. Huyo Amina alikuwa na ngozi kama ya zebra.