kumbe this happens everywhere , Ogopa wanawake

Kumbe this is not a myth… independent women are spreading trauma everyday … ogopa wanawake


You mean, this is a man talking?

… at first i thought they were women … kumbe ?

thats a stupid gayy man

Capote hapa hawezi ongea

In used to bekieve that women raping a man was a myth, tilk I saw a msanzi viral video of two sisters raping a retarded cripple huku akilia atu hata hawawezi weka condom.

Obviously, you do not know what you are talking about.

Atasema the dude deserved it and he should be in jail - just like all men. Then she will follow that up with a torrent like 37 of unrelated youtiub findios back-to-back-to-back to discombobulate everything and give her the false sense victory .

Ngoja tu.

It is not easy to rape a man if you consider the mechanics involved during sex. Who is that man who erects when under pressure and duress? Simply deflate the dick and your would be rapist will be frustrated by the limp.thing anawachana na were.

Google it and watch it. I think the hardon sometimes just comes unwillingly. I guess it is like tickling na kucheka. Ukipata hiyo video utaelewa.

Tuma link.

any guy can succumb …the pelvic area occupants have a mind of their own :D:D

Kumbe kuna some thirsty Women out there banae.

I agree totally,unaona Dem hutaki but borro anasimama to facing that coomer



That video was mere acting.

Video or it never happened.
Malaya siki hizi na keg unaokota pande gani