Kumbe this buggar was paid



Ruto is just a puppet

God denied you a brain! Everybody gets paid! The question or issue is about tracing the source of the money.

Rao amekula ngapi?

Tell that to your mama!

Is this news? Kalez were bought (or sold) but as for the total amount paid…hiyo ni guesswork tu.

Jommo Kenyatta was paid by whites through massive land acquisition, Moi was paid thro massive franchises, Only Kibaki sleeped through…and Uhuru is a beneficiary of billions through proxy.

90% ya wakale walinunuliwa… for now they are expired products ready to be thrown into the litter bin…

This isn’t news. And that’s why I tell Mt.Kenya people that they don’t owe Ruto anything. Ruto was compensated financially and via being DP. The only deni imebaki ni ya Uhuru and Uhuru has only 1 vote.

Mr. Vercetti ni wewe umefuta io thread ingine?

How wealthy are these guyz? Yaani billions are mentioned kama 10 bob

Propaganda galore! :smiley: Where is the link to the star story?

It was an investment. How much do you think they have siphoned from SGR alone?? SGR was overvalued by over $1 billion. This is what made the project not to be financially viable (the overvaluation). Now, you pay off a guy $40 million, to steal $1 billion. By the way, Ruto also got allocated some mega projects (dams) which he could steal from. So, the deal was also too sweet for him to refuse. Hapa ni financial interests jamaa.

Leadership is very big business, in case you did not know.

When both sides met, they negotiated money and power. Not just power. Something in the line of we will pay you Ksh 4 billion in cash, award you these 10 megaprojects e.g dams, and these key positions in government to fill with your lieutenants. Ruto was offered a deal he couldn’t refuse.

ITS ACTUALLY 4B… new intel

Please provide facts and not what could be a photoshop copy on the Star headline. There has been several such fakes in the last few days allegedly from a well known blogger from Jubilee!

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Unalialia nini Homo_patco. Nani mchokozi kukuliko ukitafuta mjulus? Pokea sweep mbaka upate adabu ghaseer

Looks like fake news to me. 3B is peanuts to WSR unless there were many other sweeteners in the deal.