Kumbe the mzungu mbaba pictured going to a lanye's house near Mathare 4 area is Former AFC leopards coach Patrick Aussems,



Wanaume wameanza kuwa na umama sana. I’m talking about the person who originally shared that photo. Those are two consenting adults going about their business.

By sharing this photo, I’m sure the guy is humiliated beyond imagination.

And what for? For soliciting the services of a prostitute? Plenty of us have done the same thing at one time or another. How sure are we that he was even soliciting?

Upus tu.


Who even said the lady is a whore the author should pull the post this is not a telegram channel

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Exactly. All we can do is speculate.

But the man and the lady are now exposed to ridicule.

And there’s no point in pulling the post down since it’s all over twitter.

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Lol, go join Bible groups…This is Kenya Talk…Infact, she is a worship leader


That dark skin petite lady with a booty is hot as fuck. No way she’s a prostitute. Wacheni bangi.


Kumbaff. Go back to your quarter in sabina joy you hypocrite. You spend your days loafing around with hookers alafu you feel morally superior to the point of exposing your fellow customers? Meffi.


Who is feeling morally superior LOL? Unacatchia internet strangers feelings. This is Kenya Talk. Join Bible Groups or else, utaendela kucatch feelings like a pregnant woman. LOL. Hapa we can even expose your mother’s naked buttocks.


Hope alimwaga Hadi golgi bodies

Lanye ako na heels during the day?

These lazy creatures dont even wake up b4 noon.

Hii ni mpango wa kando

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Nani ako na feelings? I’m just pointing out your stupidity and hypocrisy. And I’m doing so with indifference.

Kuja nikutombe mattercore ujinga iishe kwa kichwa.

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Mimi napenda kuma… Tafuta mashoga hapa uwatombe…

It’s their business as two consenting adults until they get murdered and then they start dancing mafiririda on the streets shouting “kenyan men stop KiLING uS!”


Yeah. It’s their right to protest too. Idiot

the amount of mental gymnastics and cognitive dissonance that went into typing out every word of that sentence is beyond hilarious :green_emoji: :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

Dissonance. Cognitive dissonance. Ukipigana sweep unapigana a clean sweep buana, mbwa.

Kwa hivyo umeelewa meaning? Sasa enda ukachukue 40/40 marks za composition



You are supposed to get back into the fight with that idiot, not me. You blithering idiot! :green_emoji: :green_emoji: :green_emoji:

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I edited it, happy now?

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Watu wa Twitter wanatafuta unga, hakuna kitu hawawezi kupost for engagement.

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