Kumbe the murdered lady at TRM ni student wa Daystar.. They met on Instagram and it was supposed to be a sex date

Painful to the parents. Unatoil kupeleka mtoto Daystar anakufa hivyo kinyama…

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Kuna culture ya umaraya huko


I imagine the pain of the parent during the whole process knowing their little angle was going to dish her vagina to an online stranger for some cash yet she was the hope of their hearts
They send her to get a degree akivumilia apate Jada kwa kampuni asaidie wasasi


Anyone putting their hopes in a silly teenager or taking a bet on their lifetime investment being rewarded by a silly girl because she pretends she’s serious when you’re around is a fool. Just because a few girls succeed here and there to become business leaders does not mean all of them are interested. Many small small girls are looking for the easy life. A majority are motivated to work hard in books only because they’re afraid of marrying the village idiot. They don’t have anything beyond selfish interests


Do you have daughters?

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Makamasi you have a problem with women. Please see a psychitrist before you start killing them. The way you are reasoning is not normal. It indicates psychopathy and if you don’t get help you may end up like Matara. Kindly get help. Hii chuki uko nayo is similar to the one of serial killers.




Naona @Heke the father of a single daughter typing and deleting his replies


Mweffi umejifunza kiingereza juzi.

Captain save a hoe

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Mwenye KTalk anasema ni huyu…

ua @heke kabla amalize kukamuliwa mkia na abdul
meffi yeye :green_emoji:


Ndio maana nasemanga múikamba mzuri ni yule ako na kuma tu, ata kama iko kwa mbega kama ya mijinga @PERDITION

ii ilikuwa mali safi ata kama milaya

@Heke malizwa kabisa

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Seem like she was at JKUAT and not Daystar. And killer had sent her dad a ransom demand of 500k. Noma sana

Talk about pot calling the kettle black!"

Truman, how about your so much love for African men. Umetuita chimpanzees siku nyingi sana.


Wakamba muwache umaraya

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@sokwemtu na babake wanauza mcea na extras for a living


serial killer ni wapi nimesema wanafaa wauliwe. Your are insane. Ndio maana umenona kama nguruwe


I’m insane? Am I the one who is telling people that educating their daughters is a waste of time? Tofauti yako na Mackenzie iko wapi? Unono yangu haikuhusu. Matter of fact your father loves eating phat pussy. I have warned you enough times to watch how you are talking to me, since technically I’m your step mother. OK? Enda uone Daktari before you bcm a psycho like Matara. Hii chuki uko nayo kwa wamama, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself. Don’t think that someone wakes up one day and starts killing. It starts with chuki ndogo ndogo.

Hebu tell your dad alete studded instead of ribbed for our pow wow on Friday night. Tell him I’m eating alot of pineapples in anticipation.