Kumbe the girl who was crying online for a husband was acting and it was a trap? LOL.

Ladies please hizi mchezo za exposing people online tuwache, we as women have better things to do than using pretence and acting so that we can expose hypergamous broke men in DMs.

Let’s leave this nonsense to men please. I don’t know what you are gaining by pretending kulia online ati I want a husband then you expose them when they come to your DMs. This online manipulation is very wrong and let’s avoid lowering ourselves as women to such pranks to expose our chimpanzees. We all know how they are, you don’t need to prove it to anyone.

I am now seeing all the men who went to her DM exposed in a certain women’s FB group. Why should she go to these lengths to prove how pathetic these baboons are. Just leave them alone and focus on kuzalia wazungu and raising your kids in peace without drama and diseases from an arrogant brokeass who thinks having a deck makes him precious and he doesn’t have anything else to show for it.

Naona several have asked her for money. LOL. What do you expect from a chimpanzee? Anyway I don’t condone this but it’s hilarious to see the true colors of our chimpanzees.

Let me tell you, many of these our chimpanzees ni wamama. Wamefugwa na mabibi. Starting with Mr Brown Mauzo husband to Vera Sindika. They are after your money. It’s just that simple. Ask married women to tell you. Many are the ones providing. Juzi a married man was telling me about how his wife bought him an IPhone and I was like sometimes back no man would be proud to say that his wife bought him anything, now it is something to be proud of. What we are having now is no longer men but women with penises.

So if being a lesbian is your thing na unataka kuolewa na mum ama mwenzako then just hook up with these chimpanzees. Hadi simu hawezi jinunulia ni Bibi anamnunulia then he has the gall to tell everyone that it’s his wife who bought it. It’s disgusting how low chimpanzees have fallen. They are pathetic.

Let’s avoid these useless sugar babies. Hii uchumi does not allow you to be a sugar Mami. Fom ni kuzalia wazungu. I don’t mind kuzalia hata mzungu ame donate to 1k women. Better than these useless chimpanzees. Talk to married women to understand how they are fending for themselves and their kids like single mothers. You will never get caught up in the drama at the zoo.