Kumbe panjeets pia have suffered racism from white supremacists

Dedicated to all the idiots in our lives… When Gandhi was studying law at the University of London, he had a professor called Peters who couldn’t stand him. Gandhi was not a guy to be intimidated. One day the professor was eating in the dining room and Gandhi sat next to him. The professor said, “Mr. Gandhi, do you know that a pig and a bird cannot eat together?” " “Okay, professor, I’m flying away…” replied Gandhi, who sat at another table. The deeply irritated professor decided to take revenge in the next exam, but Gandhi answered all the questions brilliantly. Then he decided to ask him the following question: “Mr. Gandhi, imagine that you are standing on the road and you see a bag; you open it and find wisdom and a lot of money.” Which of the two would you choose? " - “Of course it’s money, Prof.” - “Ah, I would choose wisdom.” - “You are right Professor; In fact, each one chooses what he/she DOESN’T have!” " The angry teacher wrote the word idiot and returned the exam. Gandhi read the test result and returned immediately. “Professor, you signed the exam, but you forgot to grade it!”