Kumbe nguo ndio inapatia wanawake urembo

So yesterday I had my first strip club experience

There were about 8 ladies taking turns on the pole, and a live sex act that first started at the front pole area… made rounds ontop of tables… then wakamalizia the pole area

I never found, even remotely, any of the women appealing. And they were in various shapes and sizes …it makes me conclude that without clothes, women are not beautiful… naked women are so basic …nothing admirable

Wariahe, endelea kutomba mbuzi na mifugo ingine yenye umezoea. Wanawake achia subbies.

Kaino type

It makes me conclude that that could have been the first time you saw a naked womam that close. A virgin scrotum you are


I almost puked in my mouth



:D:D:D:D:D:D run down that maragoli scumbag

Very few humans are appealing when naked.


Wariah A- 94’ aye! … Tangu ukuwe schooled na kuchapwa character development moja wazimu; na yule singo-matha form 2 drop out, umekuwa na akili kaa ya burukenge komba-mwiko aisee. Mtu bure kabisa …




Malisaa hio d- burukenge, ata picha ya ontop

Women these days basically standardize for clothes/makeup/angles etc. If you think she’s an 8 she’s probably a 6

Tomba Ngahamia bila kusumbua