kumbe mjamaa ni wa kuchunishwa sukuma...MMNN hii ulificha kwanini


By CAPITAL REPORTER, NAIROBI, Kenya, Oct 23 – CNN’s Richard Quest has for the first time admitted while in Africa that he is gay.


Hata ule sijui Anderson Cooper wa CNN uchunishwa sukuma


Kwani mnafikiri kwa ile thread ya Meria ya Quest means business nilikuwa namaanisha nini?
Still last week talkers were discussing the issue and someone posted a photo of him holding shoulders with his boyfriend.


@Panyaste Gay ndio Wa Kwanza kucomment, kulike. The other day he said anaoshanga haga Na maji after kudenki. Bomoa kabati panyaste

ata Anderson cooper na hasumbui…

Wewe msomali mnono please remove your fantasies kwangu ghasia

It’s an open secret…

inakaa cnnchieth ni base yao

lakini ya huyu mjamaa nimejua leo

At this rate you have to wonder if there will be any wazungu left by 2088, 60 years from today. Wazungu, who reminds us every opportunity they get that they have much higher IQ than us, don’t seem to see that they’re self destructing.
Noma sana

ajue wewe ni bibi ya wenyewe,ama ?

:smiley: Hawkeye is your thing. Good catch

CNN has them in droves!!

So many blacks and other ethnic minorities identify as gay too.

Old news though

you know a lot of gay news?

Very old news, google richard quest ’ I got meth in my pocket’ . Ni kama pia Eric Omondi in some years to come.

And what’s the issue?