Kumbe men suffer when relationships fail

So I don’t listen to secular music much. I usually bump into those songs that are intriguing purely by happenstance. So I thought I had listened to all Sauti Sol songs but I listened to one today and I was like damn, that sounds pretty sad and heartbreaking. Sauti Sol. Sauti Sol. Got me thinking about things I don’t think about. I don’t know the title but I will look for it for your reference.

You see the older one gets the less you want to deal with what doesn’t directly concern you especially if it’s negative. For example I used to enjoy those chimp bashing youtube channels, like a female version of red peels and other exist content creators. Nowadays I can’t be bothered. You want to complain about men, that’s your problem bcz why are you dealing with them to the extent that it doesn’t serve you?

I don’t understand why you open a youtube channel with no other content other than men. It’s toxic. Probably why it sells. Just look at Kevin Samuels. Toxicity sells bcz the human mind gravites towards the negative. Mine too. That’s why I love true crime though I have also cut back on that. Don’t get me wrong it’s quite intriguing and that’s why Netflix makes movies about these psychos, bcz it sells. People want to go to the heads of psychos and vicariously see the lives of these outcasts.

But I digress. Yaani that Sauti Sol song made me feel so bad that anyone can be put through this by someone they once loved so much that they wanted a shared posterity. That’s the highest form of love. Not that humans understand how serious having kids with someone is. To them it’s just another rite of passage. How else would you explain why in the US every year there’s half a million children in foster care?

What can I say, every (wo) man got his/her struggle. Kila mtu apambane na hali yake as long as you don’t kill yourself or others. The one thing I don’t understand is where people even get this energy to bitch when frankly Sakayo has finished us completely. Inchi naenda senge mnenge while you are there wallowing in self pity. But Sakayo is sent by God to make sure we don’t even have energy left to get depressed. You are too tired to even think about what’s wrong with your life.

Men don’t have a off and on switch. A man’s soul is not built to handle heartbreak. Is why you have people like Abraham Lincoln had kids with slaves and kept the family. Just couldn’t walk away.

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Do you know that song? Ati tell your relatives not to behave like they don’t know me when we meet and you are refusing to let me see my kids. I have looked for it but I can’t find it. It’s a guy talking about how his wife mistreated him after leaving him. I was distracted bcz I was shopping but it sounded like Sauti Sol. That song is very sad. Kumbe things are thick no matter what side of the divide you are on?


Nenda lote. A modern sample of the once famous nenda lote mama.

Thanks Baba. I nearly started crying kwa shop ya wenyewe. Gosh! So painful. I felt it in my soul. Women should not join men in being heartless. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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