Kumbe it was this serious!

@747Captain might be killed guys, [ATTACH=full]236205[/ATTACH]

HUYO anakaa AMECHUNISHWA SPINACH bana, cheki hako ka belt

This dudes face resembles the Bonobo.

@747Captain ebu mark register…


He is nursing his injuries.




But I doubt … @747Captain never exposed identities… And this being anonymous forum hii story iliisha hivyo

pole sana @Wagido.

Apparently he knew the kind of people he was exposing. Amevaa trouser mbili!

@Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii as an elder ii maneno tungeongelelea hapa kwa kijiji iishe. @747Captain has a young family hamngemfanyia ivo

Any efforts to disparage the AMG cult will be met will the full force of the jungle rule that it deserves. I warned him here @sani .


Kichapo cha wagido

Enyewe if you messed with drug lord mimi nimemwaga ndani better go in exile . Mimi tickets zangu ziko ready,I am out I will be back after mumechinjwa. Niliwambia hii kiherehere mtajipata kwa pango la nyoka ati CSI exposee. Bye Guys. Safiri Salama.Salimu Maulana. Tutaonana baadaye.


Let’s pay our last respects to bwana 747Captain. Woishe. Life can be short bana

But in this country, you can’t survive when you’re a snitch especially when you’re dealing with powerful drug dealers. You can go to report a drug syndicate and find out that the police are also gang members.

The police and the courts can’t help you. Snitches get stitches.

This guys won’t retire, you can take that to the bank. Reminds me of Jowie telling detectives, they were heading nowhere.

Are you guys sure that kapiten 747…

Kenya a lawless country