Kumbe interview ya Safaricom hukua vigorous hivi

Hebu mleteni your experiences mkikua interviewed huko westy

Wewe weka yako Kwanza.

Leta hekaya

I thought you were going to post a clip or a detailed narration on a personal experience. Wewe ni humbwar kapisa!

Am not good in narration ningewapa hekaya venye maneno iko.
Doing online assessment
Then doing physical interview conducted by a panel .
Another interview one on one with either the head of department or operations manager

Si utafute kazi uko uende ujionee

This is normal.

Inafaa ikue moja then final hii mambo process Mingi ina bore

No you are wrong. A good job has several interview stages. But do I say? wewe ni mvivu:D. I remember you for wanting to fuak your boss with your IT intel that you were holding.

Delete hii thread ama uende ueleze mbuzi wenzako

I took a Software Engineer’s interview at Safaricom in 2018. I first went for an onsite interview at their HQ2 offices and asked to do a technical task which took me 6 hours to finish. For this task, I was asked to build a RESTful API that works similar to their MPESA product using the Spring Boot technical stack. During the task, the senior engineers engage you to gauge your progress and later you submit the code for review. Days later, I was called for a panel interview where we discussed pure tech and answering of questions. A third round which is more like a formality was for meeting the hr team as well as submitting your academic documents for a thorough background check including CRB. Once, all these are satisfied, an offer letter is prepared.

Shenzi rudi shule ukasome

Yeah this the process hadi mtu unatamani hungetafuta kazi uko

Hunanga kazi mbwa hii?

Umesahau test ya hiv

If you’re well prepared and everything of yours in order, you’ll hack the process. Mahali watu wengi huangukia is between stage 2 & 3. Background checks are thorough also. There was an an interviewee who missed out on a chance due to CRB checks

6 hrs onsite?

The scope of the task dictated that I had to do it within that length of time.

With all the shenanigans in parliament,I was once invited for an interview there.
First I sat for a psychometric test that had 50 questions. Apparently I passed that one because I was invited for an oral interview with a panel of about 5 guys.
Then a last one where I faced two guys,the head of department and the guy who would be my immediate boss.

I did not get the job and no explanations were given though during the filling of interview documents,questions about my tribe and county featured prominently.
I concluded that the issue of tribal and regional balance must have excluded a lot of interviewees plus of course those who had ‘back up’ and interference from their MPs I guess.

But one thing I learnt is that parliament is staffed with by people who are professional and who know their thing. Ujinga inakuwanga na ma-mp & masenators despite their knowledge levels being quite high.

Serious employers will always seek the best in their potential employees.

So @Emamba that was a normal process and expect more rigorous processes in the future.
And good luck. I hope utapita the other interview and update hiyo job.

unaeza dhani safcom is a global giant juu ya vile wanasumbua interviewees …bure sana