Kumbe hii blog ya udaku pia hukosa content?

Sasa what kind of story is this jamaneni? Ata kama Tuko’s target audience is illiterate talkers kama @Vinnywaf, this is too much.

Woman returns balance after cashier hands her excess money
A woman in South Africa recently made the world a better place after she decided to be honest moments after receiving back excess change.
After handing KSh 1,340 to buy the diapers, the cashier handed her back KSh 938 as opposed to the correct amount which was KSh 402. After realising the cashier made a mistake that might cost him later, she quickly told the man that he had given her too much money. The delighted cashier thanked her for her honesty and apologised for his absentmindedness.

What’s so special about someone in South Africa returning excess change? Is this one of those posts that look shallow on the surface but have deeper meanings? Hii dunia hunishangaza sana.

Mbona una sambaza io mharo kwa kijiji? Ni akili haunanga ama ni iddleness?
Osha desktops za cyber na omo utoe virusi oyeeh

Wacha kutapaka io mavi

Hehe na aongeze dettol kwa hio omo. Weh… hio matusi ni high tech.