Kumbe fielder inakuwanga gari safi hivo

Juzi nimekuwa na jamaa wangu Mombasa mji wa Raha kutafuta gari. Nigga finally settled on a 2014 WXB fielder from a trusted dealer, auction grade 4.5. Nikapewa kazi ya kupeleka gari from 001 to 047, and what a ride! It was just a 1500cc machine but very stable on the road at an average speed of 100-130kph. Steering wheel feels so easy, You can literally turn it using one finger! It is also a looker and quieter on the highway, comfort is on another level, nilifika Nairobi with little uchovu,. However it has a low ground clearance and not so fuel efficient for a 1500cc(or maybe was slamming on the accelerator too much). It is also very expensive, the man parted with 1.5m for it. Journey took 7 hours, 30 minutes.

Overally, it is an excellent car!

Inflated by demand. It shouldn’t be that expensive

Fielder is a great vehicle. Tough and does well in off-road areas

True, also felt 1.5 is too high for it.
But it is a super car, exceeded my expectations

Now try a premio G grade…2000cc utapenda

magnet ya wezi

Unaweka ile tracker ya ku turn off gari from the phone and situation is contained

:D:D:D:D:D. That won’t deter thieves

now drive it after it has been raised with spacers to go over kenyan bumps, you won’t believe it is the same car

Nilikuwanga na kapremio kalikuwa swafi sana…fielder haiwesmake compe unless ni space unataka ya kubeba mananasi

Space ni muhimu kwa gari. Sedans look pretty but very inconveniencing when you want to carry something with you

insurance doesn’t cover spacers

A @rexxsimba sized momo?

Walimu wa high school wanaipenda

Worse…two @rexxsimba 's momos, it’ll have the car smelling like an Israeli disco…[SIZE=1]bigmouth.[/SIZE]

Losers wote wameconverge kwa hii thread

You probably have very little experience with modern cars to think of a fielder as great.

1.5 for a fielder is a rip off. Hii haifai kupita 1.2

It does. If you tell the insurance company in advance. The problem is that people add spacers after vehicle valuation has already been done and doesnt notify the insurance company about the change!!!

@Tonito I think the fuel economy wasn’t so good juu ulikuwa unapanda coming back to the city otherwise 1500 cc should give you 16-18 kms per litre

Inakaa sio mbaya but 1.5 mirrions iko juu