Kumbe Datsun walikuwa wakali Design

So im always drooling over this 1972 nissan skyline
[ATTACH=full]142325[/ATTACH] I stumbled across this datsun 510 which is a looker
And this datsun 1600. I had a neighbour who had something like this but not sure its the same. Tulikuwa tunachezea kalongo ndani as it rotted away. Ooh the memories… I digress[ATTACH=full]142327[/ATTACH]
Even the nyayo pioneer feels like a copy of the datsun 1400
Speaking of which i think if we had another crack at it we would really do a good job on the pioneer. It was not actually ugly. Just a weak but impressive engine locally produced by the way by some railway technical institute or something, a very heavy body and poor fittings

moi had excellent ideas. very brilliant but they were often thwarted by corruption. from good public service bus networks that often started out very well but soon collapsed to the housing estates of the 80s and90s to even the sgr and bypass roads which were actually born in the latter years of the nyayo presidency as a means to link up east africa and kikwete confirmed this during biwott’s funeral. And the schools and churches he started still stand. but still alot of his govt’s. ideas were also birthed by his lieutenants to provide avenues for looting. even museveni’s uganda was a Moi project and so is present day south sudan.

This is very true. If only there was no looting imagine we would be supplying cars. South korea around the same time had a local car industry. It wasnt good but they taxed the shit out of imports. Locals had no choice but to buy the locally assembled cars. Eventually they got better. Look where they are now…i think we could if we really wanted to

Mimi huskia ati there was a time tulikua mbele kuliko United Arab Emirates na Singapore

But Datsun has never been a Kenyan company. I thought Mobius is the first company to manufacture cars locally.

I was saying that maybe the nyayo pioneer was going for a Datsun 1400 look. They kind of look alike and they would have pulled it off had they been serious. Then the rest of the datsuns are just eye candy for kusafisha mesho

Remember the south korean Hyundai saloons in the 90s were terrible cars. just horrible. they became a scandal when Moi imported them for govt. use. But look at Hyundai today.

My point exactly

“Datsun was a good manufacturer until Nissan happened” my Dad’s opinion…infact he hated Nissan so much he ‘upgraded’ to a Ford Escort then a Peugeot.

How did the name change occur that it came with changes? Nissan is so unpredictable, they swing like a pendulum fron extremely giid cars to hogwash e.g B12 to B13

Controlling interests i.e more capital injection, bigger market share, better distribution channels. Basically make Datsun your b*tch !
Ps: Even the Skyline did not start out as a Nissan but as a Prince (Prince Motor Corp) & it is rumoured they and Nismo Division operate(d) almost independently of Nissan leadership (pretty much explains why Skylines and GT-R are good cars!)

Everyone stopped smoking the good stuff.
Design sense went to shit for all manufacturers.
[ATTACH=full]142765[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142767[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]142768[/ATTACH]

Case in point 1987 buick grand national[ATTACH=full]142770[/ATTACH]
Vs a 2011 version. [ATTACH=full]142771[/ATTACH]
Sure the tech improved but whatever happen to the passion in design?

Utility/bottomline vs Aesthetics.