Kumbe Amin Was Right About Where Ugandan Border Should Be

When Amin claimed kenya mpaka naivasha, kumbe this illiterate guy knew what he was talking about…


Ambia M7 akujie ?Aone moto,tutamtumia watu wa nduthi ,our KDF are too busy huko Zomaliland.

somalia ikichukua yao
uganda ifike naivasha
protectorate irudishwe

kenya mtabaki nini

We will be left with nothing but the chances of us losing our territory are the same as it snowing in hell.

So basically he was claiming all the nilotes in Kenya

migingo? how hard was that?

indian ocean area curved off by somalia, how hard was that …

Ideally, the Brits shouldn’t have separated both countries, there isn’t much difference btn UG and ke.

Andika vizuri wariah

@Mfalme Bingwa Scrotum

So I’m Ugandan ?? That’s good

They actually say that we are the closest to tz culturally but we are closer to ug genetically. I dont know how factual that is.

as arabs we willingly disassociate from this usage of ‘we’

Zoomali haijachukua kitu and they are no threat to us. Hi job ya kusubdue zomalia tutapatia police force. Kinoti will make light work of the somali army

Hakuna vile mtashinda such a straightforward case… plus, judge ni kijana wetu kabisa

Hii ni uchokozi

Maybe true, TZ has less nilotes and cushites, but culturally hapana except the Swahili coast, UG is more like Kenya in both ways.

Though he would have missed out on the nilotes of Tz. But btw, this guy hated Nilotes. He used to hound Obote’s people and kicked out nilotes from the army

I dont get the culture similarities with UG.

They are more capitalistic, I guess you could say ujamaa alienated Tanzanians from what Uganda and Kenyans ended up with. Plus their mix of English with luganda is like our mix with Swahili. Plus Uganda just looks like Kenya, Tanzania looks like it doesn’t belong, their houses, buildings, even their slums don’t look like ours.

Was wondering the same thing. Uganda had I think like 4 main kingdoms. The Buganda is the better known and infact the name name Uganda is a corruption of Buganda since the brits couldnt say Buganda.

They basically ran their societies differently than did the tribes of Kenya.

I guess i will need to visit UG to see for myself.