Kumangwa Bila Kondiko sio Miracle?


@Sura Ngumu nikama omwami

Who the man behind this? Ouru should award him

They just had to be ugly twice

Nilisema hapa kienyeji ya western ni super fertile. hata uvae condom as long as umemwambia nakupendako. Izo senye huvuruta njoti bila hata wewe kupump and she will be carrying your kids in no time

I have constituted a committee of eminent person’s to summon the culprit. I am informed he is a prominent Kimilili - born playboy who loves his Jameson and eating kienyeji women.

The committee is to ensure that the fellow takes his responsibility and marries both the twins. He is also to pay dowry for both us fine of a white Ram because of “breaking” the girl’s leg.

For the eleders and myself we are demanding Raymond Blankets and 20 litres of Busaa plus 3 rams and 12 chickens.

@uwesmake chuma unacho

Hizo vienyeji naweza fanya threesome nazo