kuma ting's

women sharing kuma ting’s
So, this is how it feels like:

Woman 1: Aiyayayayya…is coming is coming beiby….is coming….uiiiii……I Terr u is coming….faster fasted ….eka ihenya…(do fast) kick something with power(dogetha kedo) .nekee mani……yeeessssss mimi……there there….am throwing…. Chruuuuuuuuu……chruuuu am dead…am finished… Coming………goood job…shika fare…asade

Woman 2: How can you explain orgasm now……I cnt explain mine. It’s always all over my whole body….my toes….my fingers my eyes……my whole body.

Woman 3: At times I behave like am chewing sugarcane n twisting my legs n moan Ghaii…

Woman 4: Can we go step by step Priss

  1. Wat is orgasm??
  2. Where is it found??
  3. How is it helpful to the body??

Woman 5: I neva reached until last year wen i met my sweetheart, ile maneno naongeanga we acha tu.That feeling is out of this world.

Woman 6: for me i always feel like Jesus with 12 students, i preach,i turn water into wine,i see my self walking on water without drowning, i do not burn on fire like shardrack mesharck and abednego, in short i preach true Gospel. hahaha

Woman 7: I feel my hair standing n like my heart will explode…ngai ile utamu inakuanga hapo hata kusimama ni shida

Woman 8: A friend told me that she normally vibrate like generator ikiwashwa.druuu druu druuu

Woman 9: A friend says she goes into a state of shock……

Woman 10: tamu is feeling good and orgasm only bro Ocholla can explain about cloud 90 only this time insanity crouds

Woman 11: orgasm ni temporal madness, ya body shakes while clinging strongly on ya man ,gnashing ya teeth feeling lyk devouring ya man’,scratching him on his back,chanting whatever,God knows unajisahau and ur consumed wid pleasure that lasts for arnd 2-3 minutes or seconds…then ur back to ya senses as ya man looks at u in disbelief

Woman 12: Utamu = moaning na kukula miwa (mouth can be closed) Climax = screaming ( mouth has to open)

Woman 13: So when I climax the utamu that I was feeling the entire time spreads to my body n it’s the best feeling ever,tho it’s lasts like 30 seconds only

Woman 14 : Utamu ni saa zile analima shamba ….orgasm ni saa zile unaskianga nikama umemea mabawa na uko karib muscles u kuingia heaven. .

Woman 15: You can’t be serious those are two different things., utamu is feeling great,good,utaaaaaaaaaamu., climax has the whole body involved, involved, and convulsion like movement or feeling…….Orgasm hata hujielewi it’s another world. Ngaaaaaaaaaatho.




umotoka wapi saa hii?




Thanks for not reducing your self to a thread killer/detailer…

mahustling kama kawa…hii ni Kenya lazima hustlement zikuwe…ama what do you mean??

woman 1 and 11 orgasm experience are my best in my sex escapades…