kulliza sio Ujinga.... crucifixion

N/B: I am not talking about Christ as a religious figure alone, I am trying to look at his event as a historical figure also…let no one tell me that this belongs to spiritual and religion.

So, I was invited in a certain church last Sunday for a youth talk, during Q&A sessions, a young girl(20-23) asked me…


I told group to allow me consult widely and I will give them a an answer coming Sunday…

According to my research, the jews did not have anything to do with the cross…so msalaba ilitoka wapi?

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Roman punishment

@Unataka kujua ili?

Was not crucified.

If Jesus was a Kikuyu, the punishment would have been throwing him inside a beehive, and rolling it downhill…
All these churches zingekuwa na beehive pale mbele…

Crucification was a Roman punishment. Titus preffered it alot

It was a cross as per the Roman statues of the time. The power isn’t on the object He died on [SIZE=3](poleni Wakatoliki) [/SIZE]but the fact that He was God’s own Son sent to save us all as the ultimate atonement of our sins.

it was invented as an execution method by the Persians in 300-400BC and developed, during Roman times, into a punishment for the most serious of criminals. The upright wooden cross, more of a +shape, was the most common technique, and the time victims took to die would depend on how they were crucified .Some died from blood loss or severe wounds baada ya mijeledi na rungu before they could even be crucified. They were then taken to the site where they would be executed by chains or nails or both to a crossbeam .The time frame for death is anywhere from five to twenty hours with asphyxiation as the mechanism of death

the convict will be locked into a tiring motion of lifting himself and then letting himself drop again. This will begin as a quick motion. He will do it every five seconds or so. The longer he takes between breaths, the weaker he gets and the worse it will be to lift. The faster he does this, the more worn out he gets. He will slow down over time until he only lifts himself about once or twice per minute.

jioni ikifika crowd imeboeka, jangili haikufi, the executioners would like to get back home to see their wife and niglets,wako na hekaya about the day at work,he can’t wait all night, anavunja miguu, he needs to speed it up.And that is what kusulubisha was all about

Kizunguzungu si punishment Kali. How about putting someone naked in a sack, then squeezing 20 litres of sisal juice on the sack, and placing them between two burning charcoal jikos, then beating the sack with thin sticks each time they wail. That’s the best African punishment I’ve heard of.

:D:D:D:D:D na kama angefungwa maagayu achomwe?

That the Christian god would let his son be crucified does not make sense. Infact, an all power full god can set the world right by simple output on his part devoid of crucifixion theatrics and the like.

Great naration, but Christ was crucified the Jewish way, not the Roman way

The Romans were the ones who cruxified people on the cross. Apparently it was the most severe form of punishement only reserved for serious criminals mostly rebellious people who lead rebellions against the Romans. That is why Jesus was crucified because the Romans felt that Jesus was trying to forment a rebellion against them through his message. Crucifixion took place at the city gate where everyone could watch as it happens including their family members. Golgotha was a place at the hill in Jerusalem that was infamous for such occurences.

I’ve always wondered why a supposedly all powerful God couldn’t simply kill Satan instead of having to put his son through all of this torture. And was it really that hard to communicate to everyone on the earth and clarify how he’d like to be worshipped instead of picking a sole group of desert wanderers that don’t like pork?

Bear in mind this guy supposedly created all things just by saying it.

And on that topic, was it so hard to write in the Bible that for some strange reason, God made gigantic reptiles and let them roam the earth before he let the last of them get killed by an asteroid millions of years ago?

Some of these fables are tiresome.

This god should also have shot down anybody else who invented fancy alternative religions like moslems, Hinduism, bhuddist and African religions