Kule Guatemala Raiya Wameshoka

Tuendeleeni kupiga kelele kwa chochio media


The world economies were crashed so the masses would cry out for one global currency, which would be offered by the same group of oligarchs who caused the same crash.

But one global currency will crush a struggling country. You can’t deflate it to get breathing room when economic times are tough. It’s one of the reasons Greece was trying to exit the EU.

Kenya is just a few years from this given the rising taxes, levies and charges.

I doubt that my bro.

At the rate life in Kenya is becoming unbearable, it will only need a small spark to ignite the fires. Frustration can be very emotive.

Thats not true, life is already quite unbearable in Kenya as it is. Nothing will change in our lifetime and honestly i appreciate your optimism.

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