Wetang’ula, Mudavadi urge Luhya to unite against Raila

Saa hii ndio wana ugali na kuku wanajua wamekuwa wakitumiwa na wana ugali na samaki. Walambe lolo:p

https://mobile.nation.co.ke/news/politics/Wetangula-Mudavadi-urge-Luhya-to-unite-against-Raila/3126390-4356194-64k5vbz/index.html [ATTACH=full]164135[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]164136[/ATTACH]

Chama tutafungua ata kama ni ya busaa , WALAA Samaki tutawachia chama yao

Je mtajiweza?

Ababu loading…clopas mailu … etc loading

Ruto aliambia Wetangula ajipange ama mambo imharibikie huko mbele. Wetangula retorted back with electoral justice na sijui dialogue.

It didn’t take long for Ruto’s words to be fulfilled.

Asiyeskia la mkuu…

…Ni Weeta…

Asiyeskia la WSR…

Ababu ako hii ng’ambo ingine

In the immortal words of Senator Kina, " A man with one cow cannot be in charge of the cattle dip". :D:D:D

Weta aende akikaukanga as the only Ford-K senator. He overestimates his worth. :D:D


Never had any kind words for the imp.


Nani aliwaambia waskip swearing ceremony, Mzito Cleophas Malala alikuwa kwa forefront saa hizi yeye ni deputy minority leader.

@St patrick hehhee karibu kwa kijiji

Ulikuwa wapi March 17th?

Luo vs Luhya civil war loading…

The cat is out of the bag my frens

Wetang’ula: I’m not interested in Senate minority leader post


It has always been there, AFC vs Gor is just one of its manifestation.

“I shall and will not participate in that retreat. I will not even if offered by ODM, take up the seat of minority leader in Senate,” an emotive Wetang’ula said.


Things continue falling apart. Hehehe

@gashwin @spear bring me something to drink hehe

May be also the unfreezing of the NGO account that was reported to have 530 Million. 50 Billions is a hell lot of money to be given as a handout.

What’s so funny? You, yes you, must be the joke.

This is just a game of musical chairs. The political elite taking care of their interests. And sometimes they might collide.

I said it here last year, amidst the heat of the elections. The Kenyattas, Mois, Mudavadis, Kibakis, Odingas are cut from the same cloth. The odd one out is Ruto. The aforementioned are part of the “good, old boys club”. Monied. The latter is clamoring to join that club, but lacks the finesse and old boys “networks”.

So next time. Do not curse your neighbor from the “other tribe” at the behest of a politician thinking you’re “one” because you speak the same language.

For those at the top, it’s all about a simple creed. Money, power, interests and self preservation for the family names and ill-gotten wealth. They have more in common with each other than their fellow tribesmen. Hayo tu! :smiley: