Kula raha kama bado uko na nguvu. Usingoje retirement

Kama pesa iko kula!!! Unasema ati unangoja ufike 60 then when you start enjoying your money, Bam! cancer inakamata wewe unanyuria

Waaah, hiyo ni noma sana and they probably didn’t have kids so bibi atakula mali na Ben10 wa Canada. Another reason why you should live in the present.

Apart from the endless wokeness I ran away from Reddit after realizing it’s a very sad place. Ukiwa pabaya na uende reddit you’ll end up realizing you aren’t doing too bad because there is threads and threads of people who have it worse than you. Even when a Reddit thread begins on a positive note somewhere along the way it deviates into one sorrowful post after another

Maisha Haina formula, kosa pesa as you grow old and it will feel like you’ve been on this planets for thousands of years…:D:D

Maisha hukatika saa zile imeanza kuwa tamu…:smiley:

Life on this planet was not designed to be easy, hapa hakuna ku enjoy ni kutaabika…ku survive tu. You enjoy today, you pay for it tomorrow…:smiley:

Mimi sijawahi ona haja ya kuwa extremely frugal na pesa. You can still save, and invest for the future while having fun.

Hii maisha inahitaji balance.

Key word

Find a balance. Don’t be the 60 year old bum who loves off his kids because you squandered all.

That reddit story doesn’t add up. For you to be diagnosed with cancer and die in weeks, it must have been building up for quite some time. The symptoms would be impossible for anyone to miss. That old man would have lost a lot of weight and had difficulty eating and breathing. He would also be in severe pain and have a lot of fatigue. I get the point the person was trying to make but that story is either a complete lie or heavily embellished.

Did you get the message though? Forget about the cancer kidogo

A neighbor died in 3 weeks time after being diagnosed, he had lost his appetite for a month and was only eating liquid food, while refusing to go to hospital.

It was his uncle, not yours.

I lost some close ones during covid. In fact the last funeral I wasn’t even sad, it was more like shock. But she had really struggled in life. Bad husband, bad kids, a lot of money problems. Just when her life seemed to stabilize, was awarded with death. I think it’s best to have some fun in this one life. Not to squander all opportunities, but some.