Kula mama na mtoto

Have u noted high cases of a man sleeping with the wife and the daughter (not biological) …

If u date a lady with an 18+ daughter who lives with her , they move to your house what are the chances u won’t bang the daughter ?

You sound like those horny Indians who shag their sisters and aunties for breakfast.

Funny enough kuna mkisii anasakwa for exactly that. Only in his case kifaranga ni underage. Relationship ya singo mathas n their daughters can be tricky. Kifaranga can lure you just to spite the mother.

Single mothers with daughters should keep them away from the men they get entangled with. Does not matter what age.

How do u do that saa hizo unaishi Ka-single umoja?

I always preach that there is a heavy price to pay when you are a mother. Ikiwa hauna mahali pa kumwacha ukienda date…pls wachana na hiyo lifestyle ulee mtoto kwanza. I advocate for ‘tunyimane vitu’ until tumejipanga.
[SIZE=1]BTW you were on your way to creating another single mum…ulifaulu:mad:[/SIZE]

My experience was the other way round. I had set up a date with this chic and she shows up with her mom. White people thing. Early on I liked the daughter, well she was pretty as fuck. We somehow managed to sneak to the loos and sneak in a kiss. But as the date went on I found the mom more and more attractive. Well that was the first and last meeting I had with either of them, sadly. Nothing materialised (they lived way too far).

How do you know this,are you Indian

Tying loose ends kwanza. None of us is in a hurry. Kuponda raha polepole[ATTACH=full]353741[/ATTACH]

Looks more of shida than raha. Hata salt shaker hauna? The peasantry in this kijiji is unsettling!

Hapa ni sawa. Msituzalie please. [SIZE=1]Najee kwani ni wakwetu Cendro???:D[/SIZE]

She is a yengling…21y/o. Spare her. She has tried. Usipigie Bouss kelele before nitafute ule nguna ulituwekea hapa.

Sema tu you are disappointed they are not the hairy shirenjes that u have a liking for

Cendro nilipiga pause lakini sibagui.

Bora usikazalishe!!

Na kama anataka kumuoa?? Umbwa wewe

Huyu jamaa hata ako Sawa. Kuna wengine hapa huwa wanajibamba na Napoleon na mogoka.

Shifo sithani huku ni kwake. Ako na bibi already and a baby. Alipost that here.

Maybe no nyumba ya huyo dame mwenye anakusudia kupachika mimba

Yes and she is a young chicka. Ndiyo maana naomba asikazalishe…kikikikiki.

Anataka kutengeneza another single mother alafu aje kutwambia vile single mothers ni mashetani