Kula dem positive bila condom

Ken went to university for his masters he was driving a toyota fielder when he saw a fat assed pretty face girl walking with two others .He drove slowly parked his car.He walked out of the car to the girls greeted them and shot his shot getting the number of the fat assed girl called Jenny.He fantasized about banging her doggy.They communicated finally after 3 weeks he invited her over to his house.They fakced but he did not use a condom.After two rounds He started feeling like he needs to test.He removed two test kits and asked the girl to comply but she refused.After pleading with her her she refused .He called his gangster friend and they got into the car driving the girl to the hostel.Along the way the gangster friend produced a gun and told the girl she has to be tested by force .She agreed the test kit showed 2 red lines showing shes positive.Ken dropped the girl in the hostel and took pep drugs .He tested after 30 days and was clean. I wrote in a hurry lots of mistakes

So he got prep for 30 days, enhe?

sperminator unakuanga mtu mjinga sana tangu kitambo

Removed test kits after two rounds :confused:

:D:D:D Even jaba vibes need some fine-tuning to seem credible

On today’s episode of things that never happened
But I know dumb niggas who go down on a bitch & wear condom. Like nigga, you just ate the herpes

PNC vibes!


PEP vs PrEP. Educate yourself


Umeosha sidiria zako?