kukuliwa bibi Nipewe best spying app

we have a 3 years kid, she cooks for me, cleans etc I have not made up my mind on anything. The other day I was thinking of texting the other fuckmates. Said hi to one of the guys wife nikashindwa ntamshow nini and stopped.

You already know anakamuliwa nje, what will the app do that you don’t know yet?

Basi kaa na yeye utaletewa ugonjwa alafu ndo utajua hujui:D:D

mate, how old are you?

You already have the evidence that ana kamuliwa what else do you want to investigate?

Bro I getting some crazy excitement getting new details, maybe due to the shock. The other day I landed on whatsapp by chance, she left it on the homescreen so kufungua screenlock pap. I don;t know man. It’s like a thriller that I’m enjyong too. Soft spoken, all bad things and blames are all about me. Mpaka stockholm syndrome ikaingia.

40 she late 20s

I have a single friend and another cuzzo I shared my suspicions lakini sasa hata wazazi wambiwe ama inakunga aje? Anybody doubting this hekaya that’s the reason.

You’ve lived twice the years I have lived man.
Sasa nyinyi mkilemewa mnataka tutoe models wa ku-emulate wapi?
Wapi wale wanaume wanaume wenye hawatolerate hata suspicion ya cheating?
Bt obviously ju ni troll: keti perry mizee

Kanyaga wire… jamaa wa turedio.

Ghai the story looks so fictitious. I’m posting juu hata sijui nani ntaambia hii mambo. It’s hurting,shocking etc. In the morning I was looking at the kid and asked my self, huyu mtoto akajua wanaume mamake analala nao! I’m even doubting paternity and googled about cost and shit. On Saturday night she didn’t show up, Couldn’t sleep. Alafu sasa picha za weekend nimeona leo, moja she is wearing the guy’s long t-shirt amepiga kwa mirror without a trouser or skirt. wueh! I’m unable to work or think what to do and I still want more.

either you’re suffering from ED or PME. Have ever asked her whether you satisfy her sexual needs?

Weka screenshot tuone alafu utasaidika. Mimi ndio baba wa spyapps kwa hii kijiji.

We started having sex issues Kitambo so I wank and have sex with some gf once in a bluemoon.

If you want I can send you privately. Lakini so much info, places and names too. trust me the story is true. I have 3 numbers already of the guys. I’m hurting and at the same time really confused. On Sato I drunk till 4, couldn’t get drunk on guiness and could’t sleep.

Ingia Gmail account yake uangalie location history. Utajua huwa anaenda wapi kukamuliwa.

I checked uber,one trip to easter bypass or Ruiru. I’m so patient not to make a mistake. We have similar phones so I swap with her’s when charging in the morning. Couldn’t get the gps on today. Also she was smashed yestarday so I doubt if the meeting is long.
Alafu there is a forth guy in play, he is jealous about the friend whom she is hooked to. She put me in a spell also, I was in my late 30’s single fisi.

Unataka pia wewe ukamuliwe ama nini?

i will inbox you…

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