Kukuliwa Bibi na Kibe

Apparently Mathenge wa Radio Africa Group amejua kunguru hafugiki the hardway:D:D:D

Upuzi. Tangu ujoin KT hujawai post kitu ya maana.

Meffi seek attention else where

It needs to be said …

KIBE & Company are just Hyenas who try their luck on vulnerable or confused females …
[ …and social or financial status is NOT a barrier …]

Everywhere on this Planet you will meet males / females who allow themselves to be exploited …

Just make sure you are always the Predator and never the Prey …



As it should be.

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How does that photo lead you to that conclusion? With that kind of thinking the kibe and Kamene had a fivesome.unafikiria kama MTU mjinga sana

You always tell these beta males but they dont hear

let them learn the hard way

Ati vulnerable and confused? Nanii, they all go there knowing all too well what they want and what they’ll get… Hapana tetea kunguru when her true colours come out in her natural habitat…


I predict that she will try and blame Kibe for this mess juu amepatikana - despite having an ear-to-ear smile. Most probably Kibe amemwaga ndani hapo more than thrice. Normally kabla ndume ikuwe na hizo guts za kushika mtu nyonyo hadharani anakuwanga confident vitu ni zake.

I don’t think Kibe is a real fisi tbh. He just tries to talk and sound tough but deep inside he’s a beta male vibaya

Wazee wa kijiji waesemavyo;
Where there’s smoke, there’s fire!
Lisemwalo lipo, na kama halipo laja!
Panapo nia, pana njia

Huyu ni kunguru and everyone who hangs out at Mercury knows. Oliver peke yake ndio hajui but sasa amejua

Is this Andrew Kibe the guy who used to play pool along jamia mosque Lane? He was good and he used to go home with lots of money.

Every alpha male was once a beta male… nobody is born alpha , ni mimi tu ! … senji type

true…have interacted with him a couple of times… a very kawaida guy I actually had no idea it was him until someone on this site pointed out to me

I was in campo with that kunguru, she’s always been too generous with her goodies.

Na vile mdomo yake ni kubwa si coomer iko hivyo tu???