Kukuliwa Bibi Na Buda



A father hire assassin’s for 160 K to kill his son so he could continue banging his bride

Now thats some sick shit


@mikel Son has a sweet bride and has 2 kids. Father of son tastes Puthy of sons wife. The puthy is sweeter than 100 mirrion puthy combined. Small head of father tells big head to kill son. He pays his driver 160 k to secure sons death. Son is made mince meat and he remains with sweet puthy. …DCI come to spoil his puthy eating party. The villagers demonstrate after the arrest of all involved except puthy owner. the end

Detectives are doing a shoddy job here. So many loopholes.

  1. Where is the mzee’s wife?
  2. The Killer did not have to run away to Gizurai since he knew mzee was involved. they would have continue normally with life.
  3. You get just 20K and then finish the job? Out of 160K? How desperate?

Kuna mtu ana target mali ya huyo mzae.

Whatever happens in the dark always comes to light. It’s not enough he was eating his son’s wife he decided to go ahead and off him. What this nigga doesn’t understand is that kuma ya kuibiwa ni tamu. Even if the murder would have flew under the radar, either he or the chiq would have sooner gotten tired of one another and ended up spilling the beans. Kuma ni tamu kama mwenyewe ako area

This murder has a signature from a certain part of Kenya:


Yaani hadi hapo wamefika bado ni shoddy?

Wait, didn’t a prominent lawyer from a different certain part of Kenya shoot his son not too long ago, again over shared nyap?

Nimefanya investigashen kiasi. The kamzee could be guilty. Apparently he is after some insurance money. He did the same thing to his other son, actually drowned him in a dam back in 1995, and he got some hefty insurance payment. In this case he wanted the insurance money and also inherit ze daughter in law…

so, my bad.

That lawyer’s case is “a crime of passion”. I.e. You don’t plan to commit the crime but just lose your temper from provocation.

The part of Kenya I mentioned in contrast is famous for cold-blooded murder. This entails thorough planning and execution and is perceived as more evil.

Judges are a bit more lenient on crimes of passion as opposed to the cold-blooded ones.

I dont buy it either. A 75 year old to inherit a 20 something woman? What can he do with her?

Fuck her

Ata weza kweli?


Kama Mzee Kibor anaweza mbona asiweze

he is thirsty of love and attention. Probably he is craving for that special attention from the woman. Having interacted with the daughter in law for years(they stay in the same compound), he ended up developing strong feelings for her.

There are parts of Kenya where they murder policemen by the truckload because, livestock. Is that passion too?