kukula nunu

She was silent and motionless as soon as she came and I let her be. But as I withdrew my fingers from her cunt, I discovered they were heavily coated in her creamy cum and I licked my fingers passionately to the approval of Tracy who immediately beckoned me for a kiss so she could have a taste of herself.

I was still kissing her when she grabbed my cock and began to push it into her wet cunt. I seized the initiative and had her legs thoroughly spread apart and got on top of her fully. I held my fully erect shaft and began to slowly impale myself into her.

She was so wet, exactly the way I like my women to be and I had little stress penetrating her despite my rather large size.

She had her legs wrapped firmly around me as I pounded deeper and deeper into her. She was quite vocal, screaming obscenities and telling me how big and sweet my cock was. On the contrary, I’m not the vocal type in bed and while she howled and ranted, I was intent on pounding her and I did just that till she orgasm again and I came deep into her almost immediately.

We rested in each other’s arms for a while then began fondling and kissing before she straddled me reversed cowgirl style and started bouncing up and down on my fat pole. It was thrilling observing her big ass rising and falling on my thighs.



Me versus those types Wakijaribu kuleta iyo upussy Karibu na mimi[ATTACH=full]259348[/ATTACH]

See me.

kingereza nayo, umecopy nani?

Deeper deeper is a man’s way of fcking… it is not just about depth, it is about the outer lips… the clit and not depth first search!!

iko na @Micymas na iko karibu na @MutMav i

Be specific, do you like them sweaty sire?

swali muhimu… ulinusaaaa???

If the lady has a stench that creamy thing isn’t cum mostly huwa ni infection

Say no to RAMBA RAMBA!

Nani alienda wapi.
The lady who used to arouse the village with her erotic lines.
How I miss her.
For real I was a huge fan.
Damn it.