Kukula matunda ya wenyewe compilation stories

Wadau hekaya za kukula mabibi za wenyewe zikuom (plus effidense)

This is not to encourage people kukula mabibi za wenyewe
but kuonyesha venye mabibi makunguru huko nje wanagawa virahisi

Someone will say that is double standards but no it is the duty of a man to approach women and the duty of any woman who is taken to say no.

If you married a kunguru bila kuchunguza history yake ole wako:D:D
Lea watoto wa wanaume wengine na upambane na STDs bila kusumbua kijiji
Pia kama bibi yako ni yerro yerro lightskin slayqueen mali ya wakubwa usisumbue kijiji


This shouldn’t encourage anyone not to marry or live a stressful life.

The women dishing out here are kunguru women, men who married single mothers, former party girls and slayqueens who someone tried to convert to a wife.

Marry a good woman as you watch other people wakikuliwa mabibi after knowingly or unknowingly marrying former party girls, sugarbabbies, club girls etc

By @Himmler

The first time I fucked a married woman was just an ordinary Saturday. I was just basking outside my door in a short, just guilt tripping myself and how I haven’t done jerk with my life so far. She was around 28 years with one kid n husband in his early 30s,very cool guy. She’s Very pretty has a chocolate completion I guess and nice body especially in jeans, very soft spoken n Works for Britam.

So She passed by said hey and I replied without even smiling,i mean this is a married woman! I can’t be joking with someone else’s wife. After a couple of minutes she came back i Invoked small talks. She ended up saying she drinks . I promised her a drink later on in the day. The sexual tension was immediately sparked n quickly we exchanged numbers.

Immediately she went back in the house we started chatting. Around 7 pm, I texted her to tell the husband she needs to rush to the shops.

Ofcourse I was lurking outside the gate. After 5 minutes she was out. Our talk was a bit uncomfortable but less than 5 minutes in the watchmans banda by the main barrier, her jeans and panties were just below her knees, my shit deep inside her ka standing ka zuri. pu**y so wet, I didn’t last more than 8minutes.

One night she texts me that she is masterbating thinking about me, while the hubby amengorota next to her. He suspected she was wanking, coz she told me he asked why the bed is wet.

We did it for another 4 months whenever we got an opportunity. This was my first encounter with a married woman and I got hooked like cocaine.

By @Himmler

Second time I’m In a mat. Once in a while a take Nganyas to work when I want to save on my car fuel. Anyway this day I’m quietly sitted at the seat next to the last one. Beautiful chiq yellow yellow and abit thick sat next to me. Time for paying I told her, wacha nilipe Leo kesho uta lipa. She smiled and said thanks. We reached and exchanged numbers. Used to peep on her watsap status and damnn that mama was hot. Uzalendo ukani lemeaa. I Commented on one of her status pic and she responded warmly. We got into chatting she told me she’s married. I was hurt broken. After a month a picked up a conversation and this time she told me she’s not working she will be in the saloon somewhere in town. I asked her plan later on, nini nini. Akasema she’ll letme know. At around 2pm she told me she has booked a hotel around kilimani. I stopped everything I was doing. We fucked like rabbits.

BTW I’m just writing this not to brag or something like that. I just want to show that this things happen to everyone of us just pray you never get to know.i was unfortunate, back in campus my chiq was fucked and I got to know the next day. I was very faithful. A week later, I interrogated her why she would do me dirty like that. She said the guy bought her alcohol and was very funny. I was like damnn bitch. You got fucked because of some funny jokes!!!

By @ronybiatch

Wadau vp, ive come across a dilemma and i need your honest experienced advice.
Me nimekaa tu polepole bila maneno, playing the polite neighbor kwa aparto pali naishi, always minding my own business…but lo and behold, i notice my neibas wifey giving me smily faces, and a tad bit of extra attention whenever i walk in or out of premises.

Roho safi, the mchick i was tellin you guys about is nowadays on speed dial. We’ve had quite a few quickies (at my crib) while the hubby is in their cribs, her housemaid is hanging laundry hapo nje and the kiddo is playing with his buddies dwnstrs ndani ya compound.

So today, about 5.30ish the chick beeped my cell, kama kawa i called back. Without a hello, She tells me, “Kua tayari nakam”. Mimi huyo stripped to boxers na vest then nikaenda kwa window ya sting room Weve never gone past living room. 10 mins later, i see her hapo nje ya mlango yangu, shes scanning for neighbors. I open my door a crack, you cant know its open unless you really look closely.

Kidogo kidogo, chick pushes herself in and i lock the door. Shes in a blue deira. “Niaje, Fiti!!” Na tukaanza mate, saa hizo chick is pulling up her deira, sisi hao kwa sofa, hajavaa pantie, only bra ya black, oil test confirms shes wet. Mimi naye amenivua vest, shes yanking on my already hard mjullus ndani ya boxer. But since i dont use small head to think, i grab the single cd thats on the meza, i’d already tore the wrapper before (Military preemptive moves coz its sposed to be fast).

Nimeanza kukuta vitu hapo kwa sofa, next thing tunaskia, mtoto wake kwa mlango yangu anashout jina ya MUUUM!! I ask the chick, kwani mtoi alikuona ukiingia huku?? Ati, Hapana, niliangalia kabla niingie. To make a bad situation worse, we skia the hubby ameita jina ya mtoto, na ana approach my door. Sema sisi wote wawilli tukashikilia breath, tume freeze, na niko ndaani missionary!!

The hubby alikuja up till my door pali mtoto yuko, akamuuliza, unafanya nini huku babaa?? Ati Nataka Mum, UZURI TU, the dad akapuuza kijana akamwambia mum ameenda kwa shop na atakawia kidogo. Tuende home ukule chips zako. All this while, niko ndaani, tumefreeze ni kama pause button, na hatupumui hata kidogo. Tukaskia wakienda na mtoto, mpaka mlango yao ikafungwa. Tellin you, mjullus was still hard, lakini the spirit inakataa. Saa hizo, chick is digging her fingers into my flesh, tuendelee. Mate, mate, dakika chache nimefika threshold. Nikachomoka ndani instant ma kuvaa boxer juu ya condom!!

Openned the door a crack, scanned the vicinity, chick saa hizo is pulling deira over her head. Nikamshow tu its clear, chick mbio akielekea stairs za kuenda kwa gate…Meeeeeeeeen, it was a thrill. Will buzz the chick kesh aniambie vile kulienda huko kwao.

By @Mr.Kygo

I chewed a married classmate, who I was assisting with homework. she actually lived out of campus, commuted, but my room was her docking station for two years. the hubby was an executive somewhere but had no clue I was banging his woman at leisure, kanyama.

Mimi siku nilijua marriage ni tricky is when I was shagging a married woman and she had me stop so that she could remove her wedding ring so that she could play with her clit better. Something about that threw me off and I had to recollect myself before kumwaga bone marrow.

By @Tumana zakutoa

This guy alikuwa anahanya her colleague of which she was married ,The husband used to go for business trips hii nugu inabaki ikikamua vitu za wenyewe. …Leo amepatikana wakati the husband came back without informing the wife ,only to find this NUGU ikifanya monkey style kwa keja(which was bought only afew months ago after a long and successful marriage)…Ana Bahati sana ameponea kutoka nje otherwise angekua chakula cha mchwa.



Naunga mjadala

By @MasterYoda

I fucked someones wife for a year and didnt know she was married until her husband was relocated from Rwanda, by then she was already paged and she had moved in for 3 months… Story for another day.

By @kangkang007

was seeing this chiq[5 yrs older than me] who had issues with her man wako na mtoi…ile come we stay… but walikua hawaishi pamoja at the moment…
1st time to bang her…she picked me up…tukaenda kwa apartments flani…i thought tulikua tunaenda kwa beshte yake…kuingia ndani…man cave…
me:huku ni kwa nani…
her:kwa my guy
me:kutense nayo…woman amenileta kwa baby dady wake ni mbang…budaahh…wasi wasi nayo…
sweetest f**k ever ukijua mjamaa anaeza ingia anytime…sofa.bed…kwa shower…huyu alikua antaka kuacha evidence…
women are that crazy…

hekaya za abunaswi from wankers

By @mache

There is this kimama who owns a local pub. The first time I just saw her I fell in love. She used to dress to kill, linen clothes nice hair etc.

One day she wore a linen trouser almost see through, she sat across me nikaona coomer imejichora hapo. Very nice camel toe. The top was a bit low so cleavage yote ilikuwa hapo. Mjuls ilinisumbua sana nikasema kama mbaya mbaya.

Nikakiita lunch siku moja na kikakuja. We ate lunch tukaingia kwa room, one thing led to another nikaingia dry fry. Nilikuwa na CD lakini hakikuinsist nivae. Hiyo siku nilimwaga kikombe moja mzima.

When we were talking after sex ndio kiliniambia jamaa mwingine hukujanga hapo ndiye huzie. Mimi sikua nimejua kiko married. The next time kiliniambia twende lunch sikuenda. Mambo ya bibi za watu sitakakangi, unless I don’t know.

By @kingsparrow

mimi nilianza kukula dem mwingine before aolewe na baada ya kupata bwana mimi bado humsosi mbaya.

Lies you can tell she’s married because by 8 no more texting, so you knew. So you have a kid with her, interesting and sad at the same time

By @Actor.

Majamaa,Nilikuwa naskianga eti ogopa bibi ya wenyewe.nikapuuza nikijichocha eti bibi ya wenyewe bado ni dem tu kama hao wengine.
Back in the days,nikiwa morio morio,Ben-10.Sikuwa hata na kazi lakini time nilikuwa nayo kaa yote.Nilikuwa naishi majengo pale Eastlando yetu.Mboys kwa wale hamjui hio base ni pole tu,juu nakuhurumia,u missed alot of vibrant pussys there.Nakwambia ile pu**y iko uko…hahahhahaahaa.mara si ya mwende mtoto mchelemchele wa ukambani,mara shiro,mara akinyi,nyawera mtoto wa maua meru.Na hayo ni kidogo.Mimi nami na maskini yangu singeweza kuenda kwa mwende aniuzie coomer juu hela nayo ilikuwa mbali na mimi.yaani sufferer.

So nikaamua kunyemelea mama Ian,bibi ya Merefu ambaye alikuwa fundi wa mjengo by then.Mama Ian alikuwa jirani wangu.she was a full-time house wife,so we used to exchange zile fake news za mtaa at our own time.I had to do something juu nyege ya miezi mbili si mchezo ata kidogo,unaeza dandia kondoo ama kuku,ama ata mjunior yeyote.

Mama Ian naye ni kama alikuwa asha-sense Mdickiste yangu inataka kumsalimia paka yake (pu**y).Sasa kuna day alikam ndani ya nyumba,akinichocha anapenda kwangu sanaa…Wueeeh si niliona malaika kwangu io siku,Mie nami ni nani ndo nisimkaribishe malaika wangu.ata kama ingekuwa wewe.Ilikuwa Saa nne asubuhi Monday,and i think alikuwa assured that bwanake amefaulu mahali alikuwa ameenda mjengo.Hio ploti ilikuwa yetu wawili hio day.Lakini sjui ni nini,mjulubeng wangu haijawahi skizana na akili yangu.Mama Ian akiendelea na fake story,Mjulubeng inaniambia,mansee hii ni opportunity aki usiachilie iende bure.Si nilijipata nimemwambia,mama Ian aki nakupenda,nmekuwa nikinyamazia for long…hehehehe…waaaaah.Akanijibu mara hio;nimengoja for long uniambie kitu kaa hio.Meeen,si si mjulubeng yangu alicheka yake yote.hahahahaaaa.
Nikifupisha Hii story,Tulikulana drae fry hadi nikaskia nmelewa coomer.Kumbe hii Jinga ilikuwa inatoka ukambani pale Kitui.Alinipea yake yote as if Hio coomer inaenda ku-expire at that moment,Hadi tukasahau kufunga mlango.After 5 solid strokes of mdickiste,tukaamua kujiekelea kwa bed ndo turudi finale.

Elders,Tuliamshwa na call ya bwanake.Kumbe Merefu asharudi kutoka mjengo.Mahali merefu alikuwa amesimama akimpigia bibi yake ilikuwakwa mlango yangu and aliskia ringtone ya bibi yake kwangu.

What followed was a thunderous knock at my door.Yaani shetani aliamua kujionyesha na kuniaibisha hadharani.Merefu aliitana hadi wale mafundi wenzake wakuje.I dont remember well how he managed to get into the house but Nilipigwa kichapo ingine nikikumbuka sahii,inanitia morali nikae karibu na Mungu wangu.Kama si mzee wa nyumba kumi kuniokoa,I could have been dead at my early 20’s.Thank you lord.Elders Bibi ya mtu ni Uji moto,ogopa yye,ukiona amekukujia,just turn around weka turbo and dissapear.

Sa hii mimi ni pastor nikihubiria watu waache kukula bibi za watu,na waokoke.Nisalimie tukikutana apo tao nikihubiri.

This thread looks like an exciting idea but ni ufala. If at all it is pinned it is only a matter of time before mharo news copy pasta these stories. Eventually there are some husbands who will put two and two together. Kwanza the fact that ma Dee See Eye huwa hapa chini ya maji. Nishawaambia itakuja kuleta shida hii thread. But ooh well I thrive on seeing chaos.

By @Maombi hodari

Back in 2012, Nilidry fry na kumwaga ndani ya bibi ya daktari alikuwa ameenda China for further studies.Nilimkula Mama Abigael twice at Hennesis hapa Ngara…she was 7 years older than me.Till date I have faced no consequences for my actions so hii fear ya kudinya bibi za watu tuwache

By @Blvck

Nilikuwa nakamua mboch flani a little while back. Turns out she was very happily married with a kid. Kwa social media she’s all over posting her hubby but mimi napewa slices every other day like its nothing. Ilibidi nijitoe mapema kabla i was discovered.

Ata na dawa bibi ya mtu siwezi na siwezi aisee!

Acha nikosane na Mungu kwa mengine si hayo.

By @MwiziBora

Leo sikwenda kazini ndo nimtombe wife wa my workmate. Tulijuana through my workmate, I remember my workmate had chewed a blackout after kulewa chakari na hapo ndo nilimzoea mkewe, of course tulikuwa walevi sote but yale nilimfanyia klabuni ilibakia tu ngono. Nilikuwa nammezea mate sana.
Tomorrow when I go to work, I don’t expect him to suspect anything.
Mungu akiridhia nitamtomba tena huyo mama, ni mtamu ajabu