I have read with trepidation an hekaya here,how some elder is chewing a married lady who drops his kid after school. I wont share my full hekaya here but I want to warn you elder. Its either by luck that you haven’t been found out. Some married kunguru I was hitting on got sloppy and her husband found out .Worse akajua kule nafanya kazi …the worst part of it all that husband turned out to be a psycho(I was lucky sikula mchuma)…END OF HEKAYA. So elders pray hard msipatikane na married kungurus.

There is nothing unique or special about kukula mabibi ya watu. Actually the more you ocerthink it the harder it becomes. Do it and get done with it.

I never understand why a sane man would hit a married woman, yet there so many single girls and women all over. It shortens your life and GOD’S Wrath will hit you hard.
2 Samuel12:11
[COLOR=rgb(251, 160, 38)]11 “This is what the Lord says: ‘Out of your own household I am going to bring calamity on you. Before your very eyes I will take your wives and give them to one who is close to you, and he will sleep with your wives in broad daylight. 12 You did it in secret, but I will do this thing in broad daylight before all Israel.’”

Wee tupatie hekaya yote buana

In short we should dry fry others wives openly mchana peupe like me,[ATTACH=full]467329[/ATTACH]

tutawatombea kabisa

Hii trailer ni fupi bana. Leta at least episode 1 & 2 basi.

Its the dopamine tu. nothing else.

Pucci ya lanye na pipi ya wenyewe ni the same. Lanye haina risk ya kudie anytime

I feel you but mimi sikupatikana nilikulana nikajipeleka Moi Airbase wakaniparachute Suguta Valley

Either upeane hekaya full ama uisunde kwa mcoondu. Mushienzi.

Kuna Elder ameshajua huyo dem alikuliwa na elder. Her name being Jane. From there kushika huyu elder ni mteremko ones the hubby is notified. Anyways kwa raha zao but mimi siwezi kula bibi ya mtu knowingly. But i will smash a fiance or a gf. But bibi zii

A Word from an Experienced Elder :

An Affair with a Married Woman is an Extreme Sport for Mature Experienced Couples ONLY …

Juveniles and Novices should stick strictly to Grannies , Mboches , Hood Rats , Socialites and Road Kill … :D:D:p

MGTOW=FREEDOM…why risk live or limb or both for a post wall chieth kunguru ghaseer shosho?
Kama ni kukufa au kuimbia lazma ikue Dem born 2004 and above ,sio mashosho Nyama ngumu kama mapua ya nguruwe.

It is a tough habit to break from esp if its an ex who got married and still seduces you but with mental fortitude you can… untumiwa nudes but unalenga na kuendelea na job

How old are you again?

Beer 4 na liver fry for this village sponsor for dropping such wisdom

Ukweli Wa Mambo …

Have you EVER heard of ANY Experienced Elder Couple in any sort of mess while engaging in this Extreme Sport … ??? :D:D:D


Haha I think huyu ukuwa wewe. Odds are! Way too many coincidences ….Anyways you seem to have a good outlook on life