Hey Ktalkers.What is your advice to a 23 year old who is about to finish college with no sexual experience whatsoever

I am talking two full semesters

Wait till you get a wife and after marriage is when you can have sex.

In the bible in Samson chapter 5:7-10

It says what is a man who goes around bedding women than a cow without milk in its tail. He is to be flogged with 50 whips.

Sex before marriage is a sin. Oak kwanza then have sex.


Nyonga monkey utasave pesa mob.

Condoms are useless, always have unprotected sex.

You realize that even if you banged 250 girls in uni, there’s really no reward for it?
So don’t beat yourself up about it. Pvssy isn’t going anywhere.

Don’t you have besties. Broman usiwe hivyo corona ikiisha atleast fyeka kitu. Usitoke ukiwa vajo juu ata bibi yako hatakuwa vajo

Are you a socket or a plug???

Kama wewe ni plug ghasia takataka toka huku. Kama wewe ni socket niko sure kuna very many people willing to do the honors huku.

Do not worry my fren, wewe just put yourself out there and do not be afraid to fail with the laydeees.

Abstain and Okoka kijana Dunia inaisha. When in heaven you will fuck as many bitches as you want forever.

23 na hujawai ata ona ikus live live. Morio kwani hupendi vagina?:smiley:

I will tell you the truth. You are a late boomer!

It is not a big problem, but be sure you will compensate what you have missed in campus in later years. you are the type of men who will be at 50 but still going to dunda and eating college chicks like nonsense.

Heaven hakuna usherati. Mbona unadanganya mwenzako

Unajuaje? Hakuna MTU alienda binguni akarudi

Advice is go get fucked

haha haha what will he fuck them with his thoughts ?

This is actually true. Still there’s some who will be terrible at getting girls in the future. But the moment the ones who learn how to get a chance. It’ll be overkill. Its like a dog that has been in its kennel all day and then you place a plate of food there and open the door. It’ll go crazy. Eat quickly. Run around all crazy…

I wish I started earlier. Siku hizi nimekuwa Malaya Sana. I want to re dedicate my sex life and become a Virgin again. I’m kidding but I need a reset if I’m going to get the type of woman and relationship I value. And if I just go on hivi at 100 miles an hour and expect to brake when I see her I’ll be sorely mistaken. And if she’s curious about my sexual history and body count and I’m honest and tell her I lost count three years ago but so far it’s nine for this year (I’m kidding) I have to at least show I’ve changed.