Kuku na Kifaranga

I am straight out of my folks place, so leo my bro amekuakinichapia the craziest hekaya i have heard in a min. There is this middle aged mama who has been working in my moms business for the longest time. By looking at her you can easily tell that she was quite the stunner in her hey days, light flawless skin, nice body, charming as hell, when you think of her think of a 38 year old @Purr_27 ,but the beauty has mostly been ravaged by life’s hard knocks. The lady’s husband is one of those fellas who work in the middle eastern countries who make an appearance once in 2-3 years and she always complains about it to anyone and everyone who cares to listen. A maternal cousin joined the business last year after clearing form four, a tall well built, ravishingly handsome , funny ,witty and charming bloke,the dude has the personality of 10 villagers, it runs in the family…hehe, but he is kind of a troubled young man who is always in some mess. There is a time bro ameenda kupick some stuff kwa huyo cuzo unannounced on a weekend, they are buddies he just ushers himself to the house without knocking and guess who he found!? dressed in only my cuzo shirt, the mama was there lying kwa couch watching telly while my cuzo is busy fixing a meal… Apparently they had been nyanduaring each other for a looong time…not sure nani alikatia mwingine. Now there is this day that said lady’s daughter passed by the office, let me describe that young lady, she’s volubsious, sassy, sexy, light skin, humongous boobs and she loves showing them off… From the moment my cuzo saw her he was hopelessly smitten, he pursued her relentlessly and and obviously it is kind of hard for an impressionable young chille to say no to such a guy. The guy started nanyuaring her as well! After a few months he convinced her to move in with him. So the luck fella now oscillates between the mama’s house where he nyanyuas the kuku and his house where he nyanyuas the kifaranga and they both know this and they are okay with it. I am not sure it’s for how long he will keep up with it, but he sure is having lots of fun before a huge scandal erupts…


bibi za watu mwambie is a no no…


So, yeye hukula kuku then anateremsha nakifaranga?..


Kuku na kifaranga!!, hehe umenichanganyisha hapo.Sisi husema Mbuta na Omena.


you say the mama is 38, and she has a daughter who has already moved in with your cousin? Kwani huyo mama alizaa akiwa na miaka ngapi? Huyo mtoto hasomi

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Form four leaver last year.

ofcourse all hekayas are just stories fantasized

   proper hekaya auditor :D:D


tuseme alizaa akiwa 19 yrs mtoi ako 19 saa hii na inakaa pia anafuata nyayo za mamake za kuzaa at 19years

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there is a guy who became a grand dad at 33, alipea manzi ball na aka get mtoi akiwa form 3 at 17, his son beat him, he got a kid at 16.


you are right this is a crazy storoh

I don’t believe this he[ATTACH=full]25972[/ATTACH] kaya…


Swali ni moja tu: Are they really okay going HKM with the same guy?

Kama jogoo hayuko, rarua kuku na kifaranga

~ Nonini, 2003


Gay detected

Luhya detected

Gay lying luhya. mwaka bado ni kifaranga na ndio huyu wewe mshindaji wa HOYA 2016


Who, who did you become an elder?

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Done it kuku kwanza then kifaranga. Am now planning something so crazy, kifaranga is down, am now targeting the kuku and later mama ya kuku. Ya fisi ni mengi (mboco, 2015)


One question, Do both the Kifaranga and Kuku perform reverse Cow girl?

Asking for my Thesis Statement

Thank You

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