Kukata Weight

Someone please advise me on how to kukata weight??

Have tried drinking alot of water, walking , kula vibaya and it seems not to be working.

My girlfriend tells me am also growing hips.

Napia siku hizi nafeel nikama nashindwa na kazi ya kulima shamba langu.

Am scared .pls help

vaa hii kwanza:


Tafuta wale mavijanaa hutrain foota mtaani, join them during warm up training (ikifika saa ya ball unaeza jitoa au wakupe position ya goalkeeper:D:D) Make sure you attend daily training session for a month, then enda pima weight.


^^^ this part of the statement should worry you more than the weight


have you ever had some twisted feelings. you know, like u like dicks or hairy chests? …don’t get mad, we need history to diagnose.

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Punguza stress

It is impossible to grow hips if you didn’t get them from your mama, if it were possible, all women would be models or socialites and getting laid for some of us would be tricky.

You are wrong, we have natural and synthetic. I heard a regimen of layer’s marsh as breakfast cereals is working wonders.


Umejaribu kwenda choo? Jipime before and after and see the difference.
Or are you on Arv’s? Am reliably informed they increase someone’s weight.


Play a sport. Not on a Play Station

Thanks kwa hiyo advise yako.
Noma ni hiyo kurauka ama kuingia kejani LATE.
But I will give it a try sanasana weekends

Another reason why nataka kukata weight.
Coz kuna GAYS kadhaa kwanza club unisumbua sana.
Am always in a fight of late…wanataka matacore yangu


hapa mbisha ni muhimu atleast smith ameze mate kidogo.

And here I thought kukata weight means to take a dump… @Chief Chef eat small portions every time you get hungry. Hiyo kazi ingine tuna we za saidiana kama mandugu

run for your dear life son. get into a good gym with properly qualified instructors and they will give you the right exercises for weight loss.

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huyo girlfriend wako ni boy walai

huyu ashasema… but overall you need to change your sedentary lifestyle

am also afraid!
I’ve maintained 68-70kgs for like 5yrs, but Juzi nimejipata 74.5. 2nd generation irudishwe!!!

Hiyo kazi yako ya upishi ndio inafanya una nona nona ovyo si uache kuonja chakula jikoni

Kimbia. kama huwezi enda professional gym. kama huwezi or you are not the type to join such groups skiza hii golden recipe.

Every day ukipata time kwako home, teremka chini chapa set moja ya real press ups tano(The most you will do with your weight are three). turn, lie flat on your back have your feet held down by your chair, seat, bed etc or your girl. set mbili za sit ups kumi na mikono iwe nyuma ya kichwa(the most for each set is 4 or 5 in your condition. Dont mind cramps). Immediately shika frame ya mlango moja chapa full pull ups tano with your palms facing you(the most you will do in your condition are three) With your palm facing away are too difficult for you.
Repeat this whole process from press ups to pull ups three times.

haya sasa simama astride na sio saana like your feet 0.8 to 1m astride. Chapa full squat sets mbili za 20 repetitions. you can use dumb bells on your shoulders if you can and if you have them(after squats you will collapse. And dont start with this because you wont do anything else). crawl to your shower now.

You will most likely feel very good and happy and sometimes feel like fucking a lot after the exercise. Its part of the thing because of blood flow and other physiological processes.

After the first week of this buy a set of dumb bells. Be lifting them when seated or standing in the session before squats. Do two or three sets of 15 repetitions. If you dont want to grow large body and muscles dont buy heavy weights. If you just want to slim use light weights and do sets of up to 70-100 repetitions. Just losing weight without muscles is hard work because you do it for a long sessions. Be sure to also do dumb bells sideways.
All this can be one hour. To avoid embarrassment you can ensure your girlfriend is away. Watch yourself become 10 years younger in a month.
[SIZE=6]![/SIZE] Dont increase food intake.