kukaliwa chapati

I mean not to be tribal.

I have witnessed two close relatives marry from “outside” despite everyone’s plea not to.
The outcome of the union’s is as of now as it had been predicted.

The situation to one of the fellow is very bad he is ‘married’ one week a month for the last 5 years, rest of the time the wife is attending ‘burials’ in her rural home. The results is ,the fellow is in deep financial crisis since he has to foot the whole ‘pilgrimage’ instead of investing or saving for future occurrence(s)

It is in now everyones attention to atleast salvage the poor fellow who not only Cook’s for the one week that he is married but also washes her clothes

After you salvage him from this union will you also provide replacement sex?

hapa itabidi tu umesema the tribe combinations

Mambo ya watu wawili wamejifunika blanketi moja, wachana nayo. (@gashwin 2015)

Cooking and washing clothes ? hapo sasa ni kukaliwa chapo proper sio mambo na tribe

At his 50? Anyway hio natumai wenye hio mikakati washaa panga

He must have said in his maumau english

“Things of two people they have closed one blanket leave them” (Gashween 2015)


With her zero fecundity the situation becomes very tricky given the people handling the situation believe in heirs

Hapo ni ngumu kaka. But he should just be the man in that house.

unalenga kusema tribe combinations mbona?

Nina hypothesis

By the way, ukikataa nitakuuliza publicly kama umeoga this week

Watu wamemtizama kwa hio miaka tano haonekani kama anabadilika he is worsening by the day. He has started selling his plots he had before marrying

@introvert, Kam mbasta! An abomination has been committed

I gave a clue the community that ‘loves’ burials

ION siogi hii baridi ya Mombasa siitolei nguo

We dont know. Stop being a pussy and spit it out like a man

I was almost headed there. Wakati niliona nafua nguo zngu mwanamke akiwa kwa nyumba na hataki kupika…nikamwambia hakuna tofauti ya kuishi na mwanaume…I grew a pair and kicked her out. Alikuwa akipika tu tukikosana. I was wiser. Just hope that your relas common sense kicks in soon as mine did. Kukaliwa chapati ni process

ananibore sana huyu mse

Sawa the wife is from either Luoland or Luhyaland.

Lete hekaya yote. Mimi nilikuwa na girlfriend who I could only see based on her schedule. Punda alichoka, mawingu yakatanda the next time we met, I was already married.

Hapo kwa ‘fecundity’ TATA imejizima… Kuja na tester tuone short circuit iko wapi.