Kukaliwa Chapati


That information is in public domain, why the fuck are you censoring it?? Lemme do humanity justice[ATTACH=full]347053[/ATTACH]


What really shocks me is that watu wanashtushwa na net ya 140… Long way to go guys …loooong way

:D:D:D:D:D jamaa ameamua kuleta the whole thing unhidden

We know you made loot in dollars from ship hostage fees in the gulf with your skinny brothers, plus you don’t pay tax so shut your pie hole.

kumbe amepost groups mingi

Uko na macho but huoni. Are you trying to throw DCI of your tracks?? I picked it from the same group as you.

Sioni kukaliwa … Looks like a smart wife … Cares about the future … If angekua anauliza anafaa kuwa anapewa ngapi ndio ingekua mbaya

Kwani wewe una earn ngapi? Humbwer hii?

Zile ma-sweeps amepewa hapo na majamaa wengine ni kali kali