karibu nyumbani hellen sambili ,the deluded idiots thought they could buy you loyalty by offering you a seat in a committee

karibu sana mzito Rege,we know the idiots will vote you out but in jubilee we have something for everyone

Babuon rejected ford kenya pick for the talks and gave it to kanu without “any consultations” with Kanu party leaders. Now that has also backfired as she has denounced her appointment. Another own goal and to cap it completely the “consultations” tag comes back to bite babuon. Former President Kibaki must be laughing today while taking his white cap.

Mogotio Member of Parliament Hellen Sambili has rejected the nomination saying that she was not consulted by the Opposition coalition saying she has to engage the people of Mogotio first before being accepting her selection to the committee.During an interview with Radio Citizen in North Korea where she is part of a parliamentary education committee delegation visiting the country, Sambili, who was elected to parliament on a Kanu ticket, said that she did not receive any request from her party leadership and more importantly the people of Mogotio sho voted for her.

“I was elected by the people of Mogotio on a KANU ticket and my appointment into the Joint Select Committee by CORD is puzzling. If indeed KANU has moved from Jubilee into CORD, then it is upon the party chair to make that announcement, after which I will consult with the people of Mogotio on whether to take up the position or not,” Sambili said as quoted by Tuko.

The appointment of the legislator to the committee happens after Kanu Secretary General Nick Salat joined the Opposition in the four anti-Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Monday protests. Salat’s presence at the protests was disowned by a section of Kanu leadership whose opinion was that he was representing his own interests not the independence party’s. According to Pokot West Senator John Lonyangapuo, the party would take action against Salat for going to bed with the Cord. Lonyangapuo said: “Whatever our SG Salat is doing in Cord meetings is strictly personal, and does not represent Kanu position. All Kanu members and Kenyans at large, should not listen to Salat. We are soon calling Kanu top organ to discuss the unbecoming conduct of Hon. Salat.” After the previously-adamant Jubilee side agreed to dialogue with Cord via a joint committee that will oversee the electoral reforms, Kanu has apparently been demanding that it gets a spot in the committee.
Sambili becomes the second MP to reject a nomination by Cord to the joint select committee. Balambala MP Abdikadir Mohammed was initially picked by the Opposition in the initial five-member team but turned down the appointment on grounds that he had a busy schedule. His place was replaced by Junet Mohamed.


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Education tour in North Korea?.. Ok no wonder we is fukced up.

@Wakanyama umesalimiwa na Edna Njiru

If you aint talkin’ money then I aint tryn’ to hear yo


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