Kujieni cassava

I headed straight to the farm after the return from abroad trip. Then my crops decided to surprise me:

Tulishakujua. We also know ukiulizwa hapa ni wapi utasema ni Laikipia.

Bila ebrufication ni umeffi ya mshuto

Huyo ni mimi

True story,i took the pics of the commissioner right after his arrival from work travel. He’s an astute farmer and entrepreneur. Long live the commish

Murika yeye kapsaa, ati chifu:D

Mkulima hodari kabisa

Kwani shifo unafanana na your avatar

Wooi! My identity has been exposed

Safi sana Mkuu…

Leta seeds…this is good progress

You can come for the cuttings in my farm


Hii kijiji ya wanaija… ala:D:D:D
Hebu niichambue.

You remind me of a pal who used to steal safisha macho pics pale klost anakuja kutuflexia not knowing i was a member… I let him run with it for while until I decided to call him out… his face turned red.

Ee bana mimi ni veteran huko na naona mkulima Chibu ni member pia

Hehee in short you mean Cibu’s face is red now? Hehee achana na mkulima young akague miradi

And then your MWK goes ahead and eats the neighbour’s female cassava…

But hio pidgin language inapoteza ladha ya comment

It’s not well organised also