Wacha nichambue. Huyu 1777 hanipi rest but I’ll find some time.

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Cheers Deorro!


hi doltishness


Hello my dear. Been a while since we bumped heads. Having a blast?

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Pewa Kiti utuambié tulisema nani akiskia??

On the contrary… You should have pulled up the other day.

na tukisema ulkua umeweka wapi maskio

I was informed you were with some of my henchmen…

Yes, we were giving Timothy a grand welcome. We missed you. How’d you choose Fenix Over us :mad:?

I had been tethered to a post by a relative. Hope you sorted him out well…if u know what I mean…:D:D

Pole sana kwa kuwa ww NV

:smiley: :smiley: he rode off into the sunset with a beautiful milf

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NV anatafuta permalink

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