Kujeni kidogo niwaonyeshe kakitu hapa

I was like literally concentrating on my own stuff then i get a message with a link to this thread and i’m like WTF. Now i believe you @Mzee mzima. This bitch is so desperate for attention and she will do anything to get it. I don’t come here to get attention. I’m a natural, i blend in everywhere i go without trying unlike you @aviator, ati lazima utumie uongo ndio ujulikane. I fail to understand how desperate one can be to stoop this low. You have been on my case for quite some time now and i do not know you, have never met you and don’t have plans to meet you. Tushagongana briefly kwa inbox and i never really said much to you, i just answered what you were after so i don’t know if your problem came from there. Listen up, if you feel like i’m taking away any attention from you here, you are really mistaken. From your hekayas, you have a grown up kid who will be joining uni soon, you could easily be the age of my mother. Haven’t you had enough attention from men already?. How pathetic is your life to start stupid beefs online with people half your age?. I have had a great day today usiniletee kisirani. FERK THIS SHIT!


hehehehehe Afro cinema continues shortly.


@aviator koti inaonelea kwamba uko na kesi ya kujibu



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Did you

Did u also notice that Derroro alitokelezea after Gio kuanikwa?:):slight_smile:


Mod @Deorro wacha kuedit vitu behind the scenes. I did not delete that comment. Why did it take you so long to hit back? Editing code perhaps?

Wacha kijiji ijiamulie. Your activisim in defending @LikeLiterally was wanting. It was the first pointer that there is more to the custom title than meets the eye.

Anyway, let the village jury decide.

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Waaah @Deorro si umehema ukijitetea :D:D:D:D
Lakini for real @aviator shida yako na huyu mwanadada @LikeLiterally huwa gani haswa?


@Davidee inaonekana aviator naleta ushahidi wa urongo.

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Shieeet,this is dope wacha Mimi amalize saum niagize popcorns asap.
Juice juice.

And you appear at the same time deorro appears to present his defense, with just sufficient spacing of time to post this reply? Accept you have been busted, and move on.

I present my case to the jury. Deorro has all the code to work behind the scenes. If one can edit a comment to appear to be from a different person, how much easier is it to edit the 'hidden text" to show deleted by aviator instead of deleted by Deorro?

Someone is carrying us baby, and unfortunately, we are being manipulated into turning the accuser to be the accused. Deorro has just successfully done that.

See what am talking about. This village is just like the GOK. twisting facts and even switching off cameras that capture the scene of crime.

This is going to be an interesting day…but sweets, why this?


From the look of things @aviator ndiye alikua main dish wa @Deorro then came @LikeLiterally , @Female Perspective anatupeaga slices na hasumbui. So domee pelekeni kichaka



Wewe uko na shida ya kiakili. Get help ASAP.
@aviator be like

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But I actually breaks my heart as you cannot interact freely with pink handles anymore as you are not sure whether they are real or whether they are just some treeholder’s alter egos.


@aviator = @MBOMB



Too many coincidences. It’s hard to tell who’s real and who’s not in this village.




I haven’t manufactured anything. Deorro/LikeLiterally know what they have done.

Did you expect a moderator with powers and tech skills to do anything on the site, to just sit and accept the accusations?


http://www.reactiongifs.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/tumblr_ljh0puClWT1qfkt17.gif Ferry Ferry intresding… Let it play out