Kujeni i teach you something called speed tolerance

I am specifically guilty Of being ignorant. As a follow up to my hard day as highlighted in this thread
My grand dad was on my case for speeding (a former senior magistrate and currenty an advocate) he says with good authority there ia something called the speed tolerance. And it is 20kph. So in any zone you are allowed an allowance of 20kph above and below the limit.
He was pissed i paid off the cops. he prefered tupatane courts waone vile kesi inatupwa nje( he says he has seen many thrown out)
On further reading i found this very short And informative article in the papers.
It would have been an interesting week if only i knew. Ubaya it was a busy day i had to get where i was going. Na hawa polisi hawajui sheria ama wanajua na wanatumia our ignorance against us

Bookmarked the link. I’ll read later. Right now I’m watching the fall of Milosevic episode 2. A BBC docu

I will have to search for that one kesho i download na net ya bure kwa ofisi

Hii documentary huwa poa sana, although ndefu kiasi. Episode 2?..it means you’re in this to the finish had episode 3.

Huwa, shida ni they waste your day upelekwe court afternoon, then they will tell the judge evidence bado iko field kwa speed gun, uambiwe urudi next week

Ukileta ujuaji unaongezewa “reckless driving and resisting arrest” kwa charge sheet

The only reason i complied. Najua wanaweza kuwekea makosa zingine za ajabu

Na nikiulisa, are speed guns in use at night?

Kabisa!!! Let me just say a few things,

1 bibi ya Milosevic ni MMMEFFI zaidi but he was meffier for not being smart.

2 the decisions nato were taking were SHIET! I’m watching but najipata nimejam juu killing innocent people is just disgusting. Especially the vulnerable.

Is a dash cam recording admissible in our courts?

Will they prove hizo makosa kwa court

Some somewhere told me that, they aren’t but video evidence can sway the verdict in your favor…

Sijawai ona speed gun usiku. Hawa cops huwa wameshaenda kugawana pesa ya mchana.

Video evidence kwa courts huwa haitumiki i have no clue why not.

They wont but imagine being dragged into their web of lies for weeks on end. Kuendanga tu courts kila saa juu ya upuzi even if you win the case wamekupotezea wakati.

I have a question. Kama singesimama nipite tu na hawana gari watanipata aje? Nilisimama juu kulikuwa na hizo peugeot zao mpya on standby sikutaka chase. Or niwaone mbele na nipige corner nitumie route ingine. Watafanya kitu kweli other than kuweka kwa gazeti ati wananitafuta?

Guys don’t pay off because they are guilty. You pay off to avoid time wastage. If there can be a ticketing system that gives you a future court date, bribes will not be paid.

True nadhani in the US you are issued a fine which you can pay or choose to challenge it in court over a specified time frame.

I wonder how the conversation would go with the cops if i argued i was within the tolerance speed

There would have been no conversion.Wangechukua your DL, car keys and you would have spent at least 24 hours ndani waiting for your court appearance.

:D:D:D Cops. SMH