Kujeni Hapa.... Hahaha huku nje nikunoma sana

Jamaa ameaibishwa hii Christmas… People are heartless huku nje…

Read the thread below… Men are suffering in silence.

Kama Mimi ni huyo jamaa I would continue with that agreement but I will make sure hio food sitakuwa nakula. Ajam Hadi arudi kwao nikiitwa na wazazi nasema Mimi sitaki kulishwa Mimi nimejiweza.

This was also my first idea. Continue doing everything but don’t eat at home but hii ni maisha gani aaisseeee. Hukuli kwako?

Eeeh marriage shouldn’t be a power or mind game field.

To prove to her si ati huwezi jilisha.

Tusafishe mecho kigali

But until when? If she doesn’t notice your “game” :D:D:D:D:D

Naosha rungu in 30 minutes time. Kuna kifaa nimeita. Let me see it.


If a lady told people she was feeding me hata siwezi pata stress because I would expect the recipient of that gossip to have enough brain power to ask her “Now that you are not feeding him kwani anakula nyasi?”

Shauri yake women are essentially big children and he was stupid enough to think he could delegate responsibilities to a child.

The guy should continue with the agreement,na akuwe anakula sahani mbili, there’s no shame.Wanawake wachange kwa marriage.Ukiwacha akule pesa yake you, you will have no savings or investment in future and when that rainy day comes she’ll embarass you even more…

Huyo omwami ako na ego from here to Timbuktu. What is embarrassing for a woman to say she feeding him? At least halali njaa na hatumii pesa yake kubuy food.

Mwanaume hafai kulishwa na mwanamke…he should pay everything mwanamke pesa zake aende nazo salon na atumie relatives wake…

True. Only a dumb man would settle for a jobless or broke woman this days. Story ni kusaidiana sio akae nimlishe. Although the man shoulders most of the burden, he should never shoulder everything. Some of this clueless middle class guys utapata he pays for everything in the house, including the househelp…kazi ya bibi ni kukalisha kinyambis kwa nyumba ama anaenda job and spends her money on herself only. Watu wengi sana wameoa pests in this city, usishangae.

Wewe ni mjinga. You live with a pest/gold digger.

Women spend money helping their siblings and parents. Anasomesha all her siblings and nephews and nieces akiwa kwako when wewe kwenu hujasaidia mtu. I see this all the time

Don’t forget kujengea wazazi wake na pesa ingekuwa inatumika kwa your family. Hii kitu hufanyikia wale wanaume mafala who subscribe to the idea that her money ni yake pekee. I personally believe pesa na majukumu tunagawana. I contribute more money and take the lead, but that doesn’t leave her without financial responsibilities.

You might never know the source of a woman’s money…labda anadinywa kule nje na kukulisha/pay your rent
I can never be comfortable eating a woman’s money not knowing imetoka wapi
African women are just shiiiit…she buys you a kg of meat atasema anakulisha

Ati mwanaume ni kulipa kila kitu, that is ego and a day will come when you will regret. Money is a scarce resource and as you allow your income to be misused, time will judge you harshly. She will save and invest, ten yrs down your provision will be petty cash to her. Since she can afford much better than you provide, she will demand more like better food and a better house and good schooling for kids. You ego will be deflated and at this time you can do no shit. She will have to take the leadership role you so guarded jelously. It is better to start at a good start of understanding and sharing responsibility. If she bad talks you punish her by not eating her food.