KujA Ona hii Mungu atusaidie..

This building will collapse soon, Where is the NCA and what is the difference between them and the NTSA, are they not contributing in offering death tickets? Just wondering as a civil Engineer.


tuliona lini?

As a civil engineer unafaa ujue your views to NCA regarding the above matter ni @KeleleZa Chura ama @kelele tuu

There’s an earlier Thread on this.

before nikue purr and the black.templar


Kabla Trump akosane na Steve Bannon

kabla sk macharia aanze kutengeneza tp’s



Kabla EABL wagundue formula ya kutengeneza keg

@Liberty = @The.Black.Templar


Ukiattend class ya Pythagoras pale Croton :smiley: @FieldMarshal CouchP…akiwa shop owner hiyo mtaa…


Kabla Lolwe iitwe Victoria.