kufunguliwa booti


Talking to the school’s administration makes more sense than announcing it in unrelated Facebook groups.

Congratulations, now everyone knows your teenage boy gets his cheeks took. I’m sure he’ll take newfound fame that well.

I think putting same sex horny teenagers in schools should end [ATTACH=full]278001[/ATTACH]

So unataka wawekwe opposite sex wadinyane???

day school should be the way to go kama US. kila mtu aende shule yenye iko karibu na kwao.

Girls are feminine beings , at times they touch each other. Si mara moja nimeskia dem akisema my wife is beautiful.

But boys it should never happen. Sijawai skia mujamaa anasema that man is handsome.

fucking is a normal human process. Why should young horny men be forced to live under unnatural conditions sees fellow sword fighters daily. That will no doubt fuck you up psychologically

Jaribu upigwe kofi ukohoe hadi feb next year

Nonsense, growing up in shags especially at a time like this few of us went home.
After our late night activities we would converge in one boy’s home and sleep on one bed like 5 or 6 of us and no demonic thoughts entered our heads.

Because you could still walk out the house and get the right natural stimulation from watching girls walk around
. Ni kama magnetic induction, if you are not seeing endowed lasies your age, you start getting inducted to be gay


Na wewe huambiaje @Motokubwa kwanza vile ulimbuyia thong ya red

I usually say that we are our own enemies. Why should kids still continue going to boarding schools in these dangerous times? Why can’t the citizens and government develop all the schools to the same standards and enable kids to attend day school?

The old sweet days before our minds got corrupted by the media.

We live in very crazy times. You can barely watch a series without LGBT agenda being shoved down your throat.

If your mind/child’s mind isnt strong utaskia ameingia kwa mtego.