Kufukuza ladies nicely

Whores everywhere!


Pigisha yeye RKO namna hii atajitoa tu.


Hehehe ilifikaje two weeks? Rest assured ameshajuana na neighbors pia the shop owner. Your territory just got marked


Men got no brains and they never mature ! It’s women duty to fix them !

It’s too late for this. He is well past the three day mark. There’s a guaranteed escape for such a situation.

True. There is no civil escape from this one. The only option is to turn into a complete asshole and risk losing her as a friend who can okoa jahazi in the near future. Saa hii even the relative angle she will go and come back after a few days when the said relative is gone. She may also leave behind some of her stuff which she “does not need”.

OP: Either turn into a jack ass so she can bounce or sooth yourself with some regular pussy and warm food in the evening as you wait for you two to start a family.



Hana na u change number ya simu

Boss speak for yourself… hehe


sensi type

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Maan, this is awesome …:D:D:D:D:D


come home drunk & attempt to put it in her `Emmergency Exit´ kesho yake by 0800Hrs atakuwa amerudi kule alikotoka.



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But it’s real, mwamke hupanga mwanaume !

Tuma location hapa nikule yy alafu hujam humfukuze…


Such incidences are very common in Campo but two weeks!! :mad::mad:. Kwani alikuja na nguo ngapi?kama alitembea na ka bag hivi, mblo anza kujitayarisha:D.Anyway don’t be a dick about it start with with subtle signs ka kushinda kwa jirani, (though unaeza rudi upate amehama na vitu) isipowork then uanze vituko. nakumbuka boyflani wa ploti yetu alilipa housekeeper amkatie stima akiclaim huyo boy hakua Amelipa na ka kelele .kidogo kidogo huyo dem akareceive call from no where eti leq anataka assignments… akaleft. Hehe madem hawapendagi drama :smiley:


Weka mbisha hapa kama effidense tafasari.

HAHAHAHA! Ukirealize that’s her fetish utafanya nini?


:D:D:D:Dwekea yeye piriton akililala weka yeye kwa sakafu and move out

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