Kufanya Tabia Mbaya na Mwoman

When i started working, i didnt have friends as i was new in the town
Young as i was, i started hanging out with older and married colleagues
Men will always be boys, so sex was among topics discussed
Its there that i learnt that sex isnt just about thrusting in and out
Its about ‘kanungo’ or kiuno or waist if you like
You dance on her, for maximum pleasure
I am reminded of this when i read previous comment by my arch enemy:


those days my friend…nwdays enda ufanye mastyro and get overcharged…anticlockwise and what not izo mtu hutafuta kitemeo(any loose girl after kula miraa u cll ata ka ni 3 in the morning and will not hesitate to come),…

Naona mjadala wako wote nikuhusu punyeto, mkundu, sex, usenge. Zungumza pia mambo yatakayo elimisha wadau hapa. Wacha huu uzembe

elim twaipata skuli

its time you did too